software modification history


modification dates for software routines.

stat name location description
scan mock psrfits files returning summary info of what's in file headers.
similar to masfilesum()

Looks like i haven't been updating this for awhile..
fixed bug lsr velocity. When vlsr velocity, was using the observer projected velocity in the helio centric frame rather than the lsr. Now does it correctly
plot td summary info. analog data as well as status bits.
compute difference between two points using the cursor.
bombed when using 6 sbc. Usually called from coravg(b,/pol).
fixed to work with 6 sbc.
if fits verion >= 1 put vel_bary into h.dop.velobsproj  so corfrq(..,/retvel) returns the velocity array correctly (removes observers projected vel).
cfrRestMhz=h.rpRestFreq * 1e-6 .. added 1e-6. rpRestFreq must have gone from Mhz to hz.
/scljy keyword was not scaling to jy. instead it would return data in kelvins. fixed..
Also added smooff= keyword to optionally smooth the off before division.
documentation giving a short intro to the idl mas routines.
added support for plotting versus velocity
find onoff position switch patterns in a projects data on disc.
routine to find patterns in a projects datafiles (used by masonofffind()
added /retvel option to return the velocity array rather than the freq array
pointing models
updated pointing models. fit 1,2,3 az term for 24mar10 thru 03jun10
to correct for platform tilt from broken beam repair 24mar10.
changed to use mockls perl script for reading and parsing files.
perl script to read, parse all of mock online directories. about 10x faster than ls. Also available in /pkg/aosoft/common/bin/mockls.
rotate a vector (2 or 3 d) through an angle theta in degrees
will now accumulate buffers that have had previous accumulations (on the binp)
will now accumulate vectors that have been averaged from coravg()
if /pol keyword supplied then multiply bavg.b1.accum by two to remember the extra add.
compute za,hour angle from az,dec(current).
process on, off position switching data with cal scans.
- added correction for blanking.
- added blankcordone to struct. 1--> we've corrected for blanking.
- added blankcor= keyword to correct for blanking
- added float=, double= keywords to return data as floats or doubles.
- added blankcor option to correct for blanking
- added float= double= keywords to return data as floats or double.
- added blankcor option to correct for blanking
- added float= double= keywords to return data as floats or double.

-scale to Kelvins usint calI struct from mascalonoff.
-added support for position switching.
mod mas
-now corrects for blanking.
- optionally return doubles.
added double= keyword to return as doubles.
previously was just summing, changed to average.
major change.
-Now returns calI struct that holds info on how to scale the spectra.
-Previously it returned bscl variable that you would multiply to do the scaling.
-CalI is then passed to mascalscl() to actually scale data to kelvins.
- uses changes in mascalval().

-Option for supplying a mask to ignore rfi.
-Option to automatically compute the mask to remove rfi.

08jan10 mod
major change.
-Before cal conversion was computed at each freq channel and bscl struct
  was returned. You would then multiply masmath(bscl,bdat,/mul) to convert.
-Now: calI struct return which holds average calvalue and the indices used to compute the average. 
08jan10 mod
-ravg keyword to average over within each row (if multiple spectra per row).
-added float option to return data a floats.

08jan10 mod
major change:
- swiched from used bsum,bdif to using bon, boff as input parameters.
- added nrows keyword to process multiple rows at once.
08jan10 mod
included correction for blanking when doing rms.
input columns from fits file.
psrfits doc
Added psrfits documentation
800Mhz cals
updated 800 Mhz cals to new values valid since 03jul09.
Fixed typo i introduced in 04jun09 mod. updated tar file.
bug 8 boards, single pol.
wasget was putting the wrong[] values in struct
coravg - needed to be fixed to work with single pol 8 boards
corsubset - needed to be fixed for 8 boards..
monitor files creating dynamic spectra. Online or offline.
updated utc to ut1 for 2009 leap second.
for a given project id, scan all the files in a given data range and return info on each scan found.
old brdlist=1234 was specifying which pols to plot. Switched the name to pollist.
For masplotmb, brdlist was beams to plot. Switched this to bmlist and now count from 0.
monitor masfiles (on and offline) plotting the spectra.
compute total power for a scan (all wapps, and files).
satellite predicition
using the predict program, compute satellite position as AO.
added pdev and mas routines to the downloadable routines
explain,masdoc  should give a listing..
these routines are still being developed so use at your own
risk (if you can figure them out...)
updated cal values lbw for data taken 29apr08->04sep08
calval updated to accept an array of frequencies.
calget1, calget now also support this.
routines to process mas fits files (from pdev spectrometer).
routines to process pdev spectometer files
simulate pdev spectrometer polyphase filterbank and fft
integer fft routine for debugging pdev.
avg torques by motor using a histogram of the velocity.
plot torque averages.
lablel the motor colors used.
wasinit is now the same as wasinit2 (they are both the current init file).
the old hdr version(pre 2004) was wasinit and is now wasinitold
updated wapp header to version 9. also changed
compute ao beam pattern from bessel functions.
plot tec vs hr and overplot elevation vs hour
idl routines to display atm tec beacon data recorded at ao.
compute power spectra from ri complex data.
fit  sin(n*az- phi) for n=1.. N
Included pdev spectrometer routines. These are only for testing.
Include rdev radar processor routines. These are only for testing.
02apr07 mode fluxsrc.dat data/ updated some of the flux fits to chris's newer values.
09jan07 mod alfa tsys fit data/ refit alfa Tsys using data jan05 thru jan07.
25jan07 new basename gen split filename into directory and base names
21jan07 new platrottosky gen/pnt compute sky rotation given platform rotation angle and za.
19jan07 mod sysperf x101/sysperf added maxpnts option to limit th number o points plotted.
02oct06 mod atmget atm added 'r52code' as one of the rec ype options (mainly used in dregion)
added 'ruser' and usercodelen=usercodelen as another rectype option
30jul06 mod atmdcdppspcavg atm added rectype keyword to read files with mixed data sets.
added contiguous keyword to atmget call
Use the codelen in the header to determine the code to use
30jul06 mod atmget atm added contiguous keyword. For pulse to pulse spectra you want to make sure that the fft's are using contiguous time samples. 
28jul06 new corposonoffrfisep Cor2 Same as corposonoffrfi except that it processes the on and the off separately rahter than on/off
28jul06 mod corposonoffrfi Cor2 added keyword rowThrLev, rowthrdat, usemask
26jul06 new epvcompute gen/pnt compute earth pos,vel using polynomials input with epvinput.
26jul06 new epvinput gen/pnt input daily polynomials to compute earth pos,veloccity (from de403 ephmemeris)
20jul06 new symcircle gen create circle symbol for plotting.
11jul06 new corhsefdget Cor2 Given a corhdr, return the sefd.
11jul06 new sefdget gen get sefd value for a recvr vs az,za,freq.
11jul06 new sefdinpdata gen input sefd fit info. called by sefdget()
03jun06 new foldtmseries gen fold a time series into a number of phase bins.
03jun06 mod sp_dedisp
wapp fixed bug so flipped spectra work.
26may06 new wapptpfile wapp input total power time series. Optionally dedisperse it.
04may06 mod cursorsubset gen fixed bug. Now works if the x array is decreasing. This routine is called by bluser.
02may06 new atmdcdppspcavg atm decode, pulse to pulse spectra, then avg dregion data.
28apr06 new tdkips td plot tensions in the tiedowns for a day.
10apr06 mod sbncals data installed new sbn cals
23mar06 new atmdcd atm decode rawdat  data
22mar06 new atmhist atm compute histogram of rawdat voltages
03mar06 new tiedown doc td added tiedown idl routines.
02mar06 mod metmon atm added positioning, profiles
24feb06 new alfawappharm gen compute harmonics created in alfa/wapp setups.
14feb06 new sp_dedisp wapp dedisperse a wapp data file.
14feb06 new sp_dedisp1 wapp dedisperse a wapp buffer
14feb06 new sp_dmshift wapp compute freq bin shifts for dedispersion
14feb06 new sp_dmdelay wapp compute dispersion delay between 2 freqs.
13feb06 new wappgetpol wapp read in pulsar polarization data.
10jan06 new rdcur gen read cursor position multiple times.
09jan06 new mmplotbydate Cor2 plot calib observations by date.
14dec05 mod utcToUt1.dat data/pnt updated file to include leap sec jan2006
13oct05 new atmclp atm input and process coded long pulse data from the ri rawdat program.
26sep05 new shs routines atm routines to process the atm digital receiver data (echotek card)
19sep05 new xvisualquery gen query xserver to see which xvisuals are supported.
18sep05 new corinterprfi Cor2 interpolate across spikes (rfi) in  a bandpass.
21aug05 mod galftochdr galfa was not loadin g_dac into the header correctly..
17aug05 new alfatsysget gen Get alfa Tsys from model fit.
17aug05 new alfatsysinpdata gen input the alfa tsys  fit coef. from disc. Called by alfatsysget().
09aug05 mod cband_cals data installed new cband cal values. measured 10jun05 (new amps installed may05)
26jul05 mod installation gen Some of the newer documentation caused the installation script to abort. had missing quotes around usrproj. The directory.
Tar file needed the ./doc directory.
18jul05 mod galftochdr
galfa Added obs_name and object to the fits portion of the galfa header (b.b1.hf.obs_name, b.b1.hf.object). These were added to the fits header in early 2005??
11jul05 mod cormapinp galfa fixed bug in jdEncoder computation. For certain parts of the day it was off by 1 day. This was only in the galfa version.
11jul05 mod cormapinp galfa Added the /smo keyword to the galfa version of cormapinp(). It will smooth and then decimate the frequency channels by a factor of 7. The hdr locations are also updated.
01jul05 mod corsclcal Cor2 now also excepts pfcalonoff structs.
26jun05 new galmix galfa compute galfa lo freq's. Also see where rfi sits int the IF bands.
26jun05 new galmixpr galfa formatted print of the data returned by galmix()
25jun05 new pfcalonoff Cor2 process all the cal onoffs in a file.
24jun05 new galimgdisp galfa similar to corimgdisp. Has option to image wide band data.
24jun05 new cormapinp galfa input a galfa file and move to mapping (m) struct. You can then use cormapbc (cal scaling not yet there).
21jun05 mod lbwide cals data added new cal values for lbw after polb cal cable replaced on 01jun05
23may05 new corradecj Cor2 return interpolated ra/dec positions for a scan (interim cor).
23may05 new corhintrec Cor2 get record integration time.
11may05 mod corstokes Cor2 added support for was fits data
added bandpass correction options bpc=3 ,4  (mean,median of datascan).
11may05 mod wascheck Cor2 added keyword b=b so you can test a data buffer.
30apr05 mod wasftochdr was2 the az,za time stamp returned by idl in the header
b.b1.h.std.postmms and
was  wrong from 29jan05 thru 30apr05. The data in the fits file was ok.  Idl converted seconds to millisecs by : 
tmms=sec*.001 rather than sec*1000. 
It then converted to long so you lost most of the digits.
30apr05 mod corgetm Cor2 add check keyword to verify if records are compatible to store in 1 array.
23arp05 new warch_gettbl wapp get wapp pulsar hdr info from the archive.
23apr05 new wappdataarchive
wapp pulsar data archive  started.
22apr05 new wappgetfilist wapp get wapp file info structures from the files in filelist.
21apr05 mod yymmddjulday
gen now works with arrays.
10apr05 mod wappmonimgp wapp added yymmdd keyword to limit  search to this ast date range.
10apr05 mod wappgetfiproj wapp added yymmdd keyword. Limits the search to this ast date range (needed for the alfa searches since so many files are begin generated).
07apr05 new robfit_poly gen robust polynomial fit.
22mar05 new corcmbsav Cor2 combine data from multiple save files. Used with pfposonoff, pfposonoffrfi.
22mar05 new pfposonoffrfi Cor2 process all of the on/off pairs in a file. Try to excise rfi before averaging records.
15mar05 mod pfposonoff Cor2 added skipscans keyword so you can skip some of the scans in a files.
28feb05 new 327 receiver gain curve ./data added 327 Mhz recevier gain curve..
26feb05 mod radectohaV
gen/pnt These routines had an option to pass in an array of ra/decs instead of a single value. In this case it would use the first ra/dec  for the entire array.
25feb05 mode juldaytolmst gen/pnt found a bug in the routine. it would occur if:
1. you had to call it with juldat as an array.
2. one of the juldats had to hit 12hrs (0 hrs utc).
3. The utc to ut1 correction had to be negative.
If these occured then the crossing midnite lmst would be off by 3min,56 secs of time(picked the wrong day).
This routine is used by ao_radecjtoazza, ao_azzatoradec_j, and alfabmpos.
13feb05 mod washdr was2 Previously washdr would only work on the most recent fits file version. It now works on all versions. It has been changed to use the goddard routine mrdfits. This routine is in the goddard  dir pro/fits. You need to be sure  and include this dir in your path if you use washdr (it may already be included in your path since pro/fit_bintable has always been required). 
13feb05 mod was.h
was2 cimafits V1.0 was installed 3feb05. These are the idl changes needed to process the data. The idl routines should work on all previous fits files. The units/definitions of the .hf portion of the hdr remain the same (they are now out of sync with the cimafits def.). The helio/geo centric projected velocity of the observer is now in h.pnt.r.heliovelproj/geovelproj.
29jan05 mod waslist was2 was printing out incorrect ra,dec positions. Was taking the positions from the 1st n records of the file rather than the first n scans.
23jan05 new pnthcoordsys gen return code for position coordinate system. This routine is in the file
22jan05 new radecdist gen/pnt compute great circle distance between 2 ra,dec pnts.
21jan05 new explain,agcdoc agc, doc included agc routines in explain.
21jan05 new agcplotsum agc plot a summary of the vertex agc (az,gr,ch) data
27dec04 mod modelCBH data/pnt updated cbh az,za model offsets. added (-.28,-3.82)
12dec04 mod wasget was2 added option to convert acf/xcf (pol data) to  stokes spectra.
12dec04 new coracftospcpol was2 routine to  compute spectra for pol data.  Called by wasget
07nov04 mod wasopen was2 When using polarization mode (stokes) the input_id in the fits header is begin set wrong. Put in a patch to get around it.  Only affects polarization mode.
30nov03 new a1963checkpattime
usrproj Routines to compute timing  for  a1963 fixedaz patterns. They take the input for the source files.
30nov04 new usrproj usrproj added usrproj directory. Will include idl routines written for particular projects. It is now part of the ao idl distribution.
25nov04 mod fluxsrc
Data file fluxsrc.dat now includes B1950 positions for each source. Added keyword radec= to fluxsrc routine to return the positions. Had to alasomodify fluxsrcload,hdrGen.h .
24nov04 mod fisecmidhms3 gen added /nocolon keyword.
21nov04 mod cormapbc Cor2/cormap added keywords m3sections, m3type. These are to be used with the median bandpass correction (minus 3). They allow you to break a strip up into n sections and compute the median over each of these sections separately. m3type tells how to combine these sections to get the bandpass correctino.
20nov04 mod juldaytolmst gen/pnt the keyword obspos was being ignored. It always used the AO position. changed keyword to obspos_deg[2]. It is now being used. The units were changed from radians to degrees.
13nov04 mod wasftochdr was2 -Velocity keyword in fits file was switched from velocity to crval1v. Looks like the units changed from km/sec to m/sec. Fixed code to use the correct units. The change occured some time in oct04.
-fixed up b.b1.h.std to include hdr_,reclen,hdrlen, sec.  This was needed to make the fractional occurence of rfi to work with was data. The routines output the rms/mean spectra in ic. format.
12nov04 mod corposonoffrfi Cor2 if individual on,off recs returned, they were always coming back in correlator units. Changed so their units are determined by /sclcal,sclJy
12nov04 mod cormonall Cor2 Now supports was data (except for online monitoring). brdlist= keyword  will now also limit the number of boards in image.
12nov04 mod corimgdisp Cor2 Now same version for old/new cor data. brdlist= keyword added.
11nov04 mod corplot cor2 interim correlator and was data now using same version of corplot. m= keyword has been superceeded by the brdlist= keyword (it was too tough to figure out the bitmap when you had up to 8 boards). Each plot will have the board number in the upper left corner of each plot.
11nov04 mod waslist was2 it was reporting the wrong rfnum for alfa (should have been 17).
07nov04 new cormovie1d cor2 make a  movie of 1d spectra.
27oct04 mod was.h
was2 added about 20 entries to the .hf portion of the header (fits info). modified wasftochdr to move the info over. The new things were recently added to the fits header (crval2a ..etc).
27oct04 new corhstate cor decode the status word in the cor hdr into a structure so you can see what is set. (works for interim cor data. wapp/was data does not load this state variable).
27cot04 mod corplot was2,cor the 20oct04 color mod broke psfile output for corplot. I fixed it today.
26oct04 mod arch_getalfaradec was2 typo  keyword procname. startf should have been smartf (thanks jagadheep)
22oct04 new explain gen,doc explain routine will list routine documentation in the idl window. Also provided a topics section that give 1 line summaries.
22oct04 mod arch_getalfaradec was2 It was aborting if plotit keyword was not supplied. I was not first checking for the existance of the keyword before acessing it.
21oct04 mod wasalfacmpradec
was2 was not interpolating correctly between encoder time and data sample time when ra crossed 0Hrs. Fixed by interpolating az,za rather than ra/dec (thanks to arun for the suggestion).  This also affected  arch_getalfaradec.
20oct04 mod modified most routines that used the plot command and color= keyword. gen,Cor2,was2
and many more
I got tired of the colors not coming out right on the linux true color displays. I went thru and modified the color= keyword to work correctly with pseudo color or true color in most routines.
11oct04 new allmkdoc gen routine to create all of the html doc files in the directory specified by aodefdir(/doc).
11oct04 mod aodefdir gen added /doc ,/url keywords to return directory/url  for local html documentation.
29sep04 new wappfilesizei wapp return file size info (bytes file, bytes data, samples in file) for a wapp pulsar datafile.
27sep04 mod was.h was2 b.hf.rate_cs was inadvertantly defined as float instead of string. Changed it back to string today.
23sep04 mod washdr
was2 The fits header changed on 16sep04. Many new entries were added (mainly related to positions and alfa)and a few entries were removed (point_off_az/za, rate_time)
I did not modify b.hf (yet). the raJ/decJ  is still coming from the central beam (for all pixels of alfa).
06sep04 new arch_getalfaradec was2 search the was archive and return the alfa beam positions in ra/dec J2000 for a user specified set of scans.
06sep04 new wasalfacmpradec was2 compute alfabeam positions from  az,za and timestamp.
06sep04 mod corget,corinpscan, arch_getdata was2 added /hdronly keyword. Will return data structures with b.b1.h and b.b1.hf and without the data (b.b1.d).
05sep04 mod wasopen was2 put some more validity checks in so that wasopen would not abort (as often on fits files with incorrect header info .. eg out of order records).
27aug04 mod alfabmpos gen/pnt The offsets were being included backwards. The sign was flipped on 24aug04. This flipping also flipped the sign of the rotation angle (which was wrong). The rotation angle sign has been fixed. It should now agree with value input on the gui.
22aug04 mod arch_getdata was2 implemented for was data.
22aug04 mod arch_gettbl was2 archive now works for was data.  Some functionality has not yet been implemented (record type selection).
22aug04 new arch_openfile cor2 open a file given the archive arrays slar, slfilear, and an index into slar. Works for correlator and was files.
20aug04 mod wasget/corget was2 changed wasget to return the correct order of polA,polB, boards  independant of the order in the file. It was assuming a particular data order in the file (and this order was modified on 20aug04).
20aug04 mod waspwr/corpwr was2 waspwr (called via corpwr) was returning the total power in the wrong order (ordered by how it was stored in the fits file rather than brd1(pola,polb), brd2(polA,polb) etc.. This was not a problem in the was routines.
17aug04 mod alfabmpos gen/pnt had forgotten to  include rotangl=  parameter on  the function definition line.
11aug04 mod corget
cor2 Both updated to use corhfipppedh()
11aug04 new corhflippedh cor2 replace routine corhflipped with corhflippedh. corhflipped was using the bit in the hdr that said if this spectrum was flipped or not. It was occasionally being set incorrectly for 1 ghz bandwidths (when lo was above 1500 but it was a low side lo,  or lo was below 1500 and it was being used as a hi side lo). The fix is to ignore the header bit and compute the flip from the rf, IF/mixers used, and the if2 filters.This impacted 2 projects in the last 3 years. Those people have been contacted with a list of the scans affected. People should probably redownload the code to get these fixes. 
10aug04 mod fitngauss
gen sigmacoef was being returned incorrectly.. sqrt extendened too far.
09aug04 mod wasftochdr was2 added h.pnt.r.raJcumRd, h.pnt.r.decJcumRd... Requested ra,dec J2000 backcomputed from az,za.
07aug04 mod fitngauss
gen The routine was using the length of the coeffinit array to determine the number of gaussians to fit.  Fix it so it always uses the ngauss parameter.
04aug04 new alfabmpos gen/pnt compute alfa beam positions (ra,dec J2000)  given az,za,JD of central pixel).
04aug04 new aoPntroutines
The pointing models are now included in the downloadable distribution (see aodefdir()/data/pnt). This lets you run the  point routines at your home institution.
31jul04 mod wasget was2 if two boards in use, wasget bombed (var hf was entered as fh). fixed..
26jul04 mod cormapinp cormap Added rcvr number check for each scan. Some observers were switching between rcvrs in the middle of a map
24jul04 mod wappmonimgp wapp when skipping to next file, reset position offset to 0.
22jul04 new fitngaussnc gen fit  N  (1 to 3) gaussians without including the coma parameter.
18jul04 mod wasftochdr was2 fits hdr locations beam_offaz,beam_offza  added.
h.iflo.if2.st4.mixerCFr added
14jul04 mod arch_getmap cor fix so it finds non contiguous maps in file
13jul04 was2 wasopen,wasftochdr was2 put in some checks for incomplete rows in a record.
12jul04 new was2 was2 added wapp spectral line routines for fits data with all of the wapp boards in 1 file.
10jul2004 new cor3lvlstokes gen 3 level correction for polarization data. Used by was and wapp routines.
08jul04 mod cormapbc cormap add median,robust average to tsys removal options (tsys=4,tsys=5).
08jul04 mod corplotrl cor add pol=,extitle= keywords
07jul04 mod corblauto cor make colors work with truecolor display(pc).
07jul04 mod corimgonoff cor make colors work with truecolor displays(pc).
07jul04 mod corposonoff cor if /sclJy and individual bon,boff recs requested, return them in Jy. They were being returned in Kelvins.
04jul04 mod corplot cor changed title positioning so it works with different size windows.
03jul04 mod gain curves data sbhi (3-4) gain curve . data feb04-jun04
28jun04 new corcalcmp cor compute corCnts to Kelvins using cal records.
25jun04 mod corstat cor increased sbc dimensions in corstat from 4 to 8 for wapps.
22jun04 mod corpwr cor increased dimension p.pwr[2,4] to p.pwr[2,8] for wapps.
17jun04 mod xbcal gt 10ghz data added high cal values for above 10.2 Ghz.
28may04 mod corposonooff cor added median filter option
24may04 mod fluxsrc.dat data included J2000 names for all the B1950 srcs.
14may04 mod arrpltazzaerr gen moved arrow plot az,za errors vs  az/za to the generic directory (was in  pntmod).
22apr04 mod wappget wapp added 3 lvl correction  option
21apr04 mod aodefdir gen all files moved from /home/phil/idl to
/pkg/rsi/local/libao/phil.. aodefdir() was updated
07apr04 mod cormapinp cormap bug in case statement caused cormapdec patterns to fail in processing.
27mar04 mod gain curves data xband gain curves for mar03 thru sep03.
16mar04 new iflohstat gen decode status bitmaps in the iflo header.
13mar03 mod corcalib cor 1 sbc/board pol b was using polA cal
10mar04 mod fluxsrclist gen added srclist keyword
09mar04 mod gain curves data updated gain curves for sbn, cband
07mar04 mod arch_getmapinfo cor added keywords: useslar,slar,slfilear
07mar04 mod arch_getmap cor added keywords:useslar,slar,slfilear
07mar04 mod cormapinplist cormap added keyword /useslar so you can use a personal archive file,
fixed bug cals at start of cordrift (it had not been updated for this option).
04mar04 new corbychn gen correlate channels of dynamic spectra.
29feb04 new gain curve data added gain curve for cband high  (6-8 Ghz)
19feb04 new bpcmpbychan gen compute bandpass for a set of spectra by channel.
10feb04 mod correcinfo cor add fdout keyword
07feb04 mod cormapbc cormap 1. if bpc by chan, compare fit to all samples, not just the last set of good samples.
2.  bpc by chan.  Had left out the abs() on the compare.
07feb04 mod cormapinp cormap was not reading in cormapdec data. fixed it.
03feb04 mod cormonall cor added imgmedian keyword (when flattening image)
02feb04 new waspwr was implements corpwr() for was data.
28jan04 new meanrob gen compute robust mean using rms.
21jan04 new was routines was routines to read wapp spectral line data.
12jan04 new arch_getmapinfo cor return map summary info from the  archive.
11jan04 mod wappgetfileinfo wapp fix searching of logfiles. Now uses juldat.seqNum in filename
07jan04 mod cormapbc cormap added bandpass correction by chan. Changed coding of numbpedge to include this. allstrip keyword now numbpedg=-2.
24dec03 mod cormapinp cormap new keyword to return raw cal recs.
24dec03 mod corplot cor now works with n dimensional arrays.
22dec03 mod atmget atm added rectypes for rawdat program data.
22dec03 new atmpwrcmp atm compute power profile from rawdat data.
26nov03 new wappfrq wapp return  freq array for wapp data.
25nov03 new medianbychan gen compute median by chan for 2d array.
25nov03 new maskbyrms gen create mask using rms of fit residuals.
02nov03 mod lbw gaincurve idl/data data 03mar03 thru sep03
15oct03 mod xband  calvalues idl/data installed new xband cal values
04oct03 new smofrqdm_1d gen 1d smoothing in the frequency domain.
02sep03 new arch_getmap cor input a cormap from the data archive.
30aug03 new chebfit gen chebyshev polynomial  fitting routine.
29aug03 mod coravg cor added /onlypol option (avg pols but not recs)
22aug03 new corblauto cor automatically generate a mask and then baseline a cor structure.
19aug03 new pwrlawdist gen generate a power law distribution.
15aug03 mod correcinfo cor added inphdr keyword.
08aug03 mod wappmonimg wapp fixed bug  in positioning in menu.  Loads lkup tbl by def.
05aug03 new corplotrl cor plot cor data flagging recombination lines.
05aug03 new recombsearch gen search for recombination lines in a freq range.








mask definition window used 0..nlag-1 rather than freq for the x axis of the plot. If  h min max (horizontal plot scale )  was set, then you couldn't see the data. fixed (note: this only affected the plotting, not the fitting).
02aug03 mod mktar xx Downloading idl software now includes atm routines.
02aug03 mod corposonoff cor maxrecs keyword was not included. limit was 300 recs. fixed it..
02aug03 mod corposonoffm cor added maxrecs keyword.
26jul03 new plasmacutoff atm process single pulse plasma line data
26jul03 new metmon atm monitor meteor data.
20jul03 mod xband cals idl/data installed  new xband cal values
12jul03 new corhan cor now works with an array  of corget structures.
12jul03 mod correcinfo cor added info for cordrift maps
07jul03 new atmget idl/atm read aeronomy data files.
25jun03 mod lbn gain curves idl/data recomputed lbn gain curves 01sep01 thru 20aug02.
19jun03 mod cmtotpwr cor/coramp allow masks when computing totpwr
14jun03 new wappget wapp get wapp pulsar data
14jun03 new wappgethdr wapp get wapp header
14jun03 new wappgetfileinfo wapp scan logfile, get fileinfo for all files used.
14jun03 new wappmonimg wapp monitor wappfiles making images.
14jun03 mod lbw gaincurve idl/data lbw gain curve of 21nov02 (after lbw horn focus change) did not have the date field. Users were getting the gain curve from before the horn move (pre 21nov02). Fixed 14jun03.
14jun03 mod lbw cals idl/data lbw cals of mar03 had date field reversed (48 2003 instead of 2003 48). Problem occured 31mar03 to 14jun03. This would give feb03 cals values even if data was before feb03. Fixed 14jun03.
07jun03 mod fluxsrclist gen added size,bnames options for listing sources
04jun03 new recombfreq gen compute recombination line freq for hydrogen like atoms.
01jun03 mod cormapinp cor/cormap idl ge 5.5 treat embedded strucutures as arrays of 1. put in version checks to make it work.
18may03 mod cband cals idl/data cband calvalues for new diodes.
14may03 mod sbh 3-4ghz cals idl/data remeasured sbh cals . they were drifting.
09may03 new corsavbysrc cor take pfposonoff() and order by source.
30apr03 new corstripch cor stripchart recording of total power.
31mar03 mod lbw cals idl/data new calvalues for new lbw receiver
20mar03 mod posscan gen added call to searchhdr
20mar03 new searchhdr gen search forward for start of hdr. Used for linux files that don't start with a hdr.
13mar03 mod corpwr cor added pwrcnt keyword to return power counters
25feb03 mod download xx downloading include some ri routines.
25feb03 new riget ri routine to read ri data.
25feb03 mod coraccum cor scl keyword can be an array equal to number of boards
26jan03 mod cormapbc cormap added mask option for tsys removal.
24jan03 mod cormonall cor added running average option (ravg) for bandpass correction.
24jan03 mod corimgdisp cor added running average (ravg) option for bandpass correction.
24jan03 new meanrun gen compute running mean of 1 or 2d array.
13jan03 mod corplot cor change so colors work with direct/true color displays.
10jan03 mod cormonall cor added nolut keyword. If image displayed then default is to load linear ramp in lut.
26dec02 mod corinpscan cor sequentially reading with corinpscan would skip last scan of file if 1 record long. 
fixed 26dec02 (thanks tim...)
22dec02 new corcmpdist cor compute  distances from a dataset to a point.
22dec02 new arch_getonoff cor get a set of position switch data from the archive.
20dec02 new cormapinplist cor/cormap input a map spread over many files.
20dec02 mod cormapbc cor/cormap added tsys,degfit,allstrip options.
20dec02 mod cmgaincor cor/cormap switched to use corhgainget(). Added Jy keyword. Normalize to avg za5to10.
20dec02 mod cormapinp cor/cormap added maxrecs keyword. avgsmp keyword will average samples on input.
13dec02 new correcinfo cor print summary of the record.
09dec02 new arch_getdata cor extract data scans from archive.
09dec02 new arch_gettbl cor get a table of indices for the requested scans from the archive.
09dec02 new slproclist cor Scan the corfiles creating the scanlist archive.
09dec02 mod corfindpat cor added more patterns to recognize.
08dec02 new slproclist gen create scanlist for a set of files.
08dec02 new mmcmpsefd cor compute sefd from mueller data.
01dec02 new windowfunc gen create a windowing function (han,ham,cos4,ecb,hsin)
19nov02 new pntroutines gen/pnt added pointing related idl routines.
22oct02 mod corplot cor added mask keyword to overplot mask.
19oct02 new coracf cor convert spectra to acf's.
16oct02 new mmplotazza cor plot az,za coverage in mueller array.
16oct02 new pltazzausage gen plot az,za coverage on the dish of a set of positions.
23sep02 new pfcalib cor run corcalib() on an entire file.
22sep02 new readasciifile gen read an ascii file into a string array.
21sep02 mod corplot cor added sym= keyword to plot symbols or hist mode.
21sep02 new corchkstr cor check if 2 {corget} structs can be stored in the same array.
20sep02 mod pfposonoff cor added /sav option, dir=  keyword,
20sep02 new file_exists gen check if a file exists (searching multiple directories)
19sep02 new mk_html_help_ph gen modified mk_html_help.. added bgcolor.
18sep02 new strtovarnam gen convert string to valid variable name.
18sep02 mod corplot cor added col=col keyword change default colors.
15sep02 mod cormonall cor added df keyword to remove digital fitler bandpass.
15sep02 new cordfbp cor generate the digital filter bandpass for a correlator record.
14sep02 mod cormonall cor added option to plot running average of a scan with baseline removal.
12sep02 mod corsmo cor added savgol keyword. Smooth nchns at a time with an Nth order polynomial.
11sep02 mod corposonoff cor added /scljy keyword. Will scale to janskies using gain curve
11sep02 new corwriteascii cor write correlator data to a file in ascii (not much header info written).
11sep02 new pfposonoff cor process file: all on/off position switch data in the file. Included /scljy keyword.
This routine was in idl/Cor2/proc.
10sep02 mod corcalib cor added bpc=3. bandpass correct using the avg  data (after polyfit or smoothing)
03sep02 mod cormon
cor added scan= keyword to position before monitoring
02aug02 mod 
added /norm keyword to normalize band passes.
added blrem keyword to remove baselines. 
compute mean, rms statistics by sbc.
31aug02 new corbl cor baseline a correlator data set interactively.
29aug02 new cband gaincurve data added cband gain curve (function za) access via gainget.
23aug02 new corcalib cor calibrate an on source scan using cal on off scans.
20aug02 mod corstokes cor fixed scaling bug for u,v. check version for poly_fit.
12aug02 mod corcalonoffm cor add edgefract keyword, optionally return cal spectra.
12aug02 mod cormask cor added edgefract keyword to bypass interactive specification.
12aug02 new corsubset cor create subset of data structure by boards
12aug02 mod coraccum cor add brd keyword to only accumulate specified boards.
12aug02  mod coravg cor switched to use corsubset
20jul02 mod cormath cor b1[N] op b2[1] now allowed 
scaler ops can be done by brd,polarization
20jul02 mod coravg cor added /norm keyword
10jul02 new agcinpday 
agc added routines to look at az,gr,ch data.
01jul02 mod corstokes cor added phase and bandpass calibration.
04jun02 mod coravg cor pol avging was not updating the freq offsets for boards if 1 pol/brd. Would cause problems if the freq offsets for the boards were different.
27may02 mod coravg cor added min, max keywords to return min or max rather than average.
11may02 new dw>

Transfer interrupted!

ad data from rmall routine.

03may02 new cormath cor perform math (+,-,/,+..) on cor data.
03may02 new corsmo cor boxcar smooth data.
03may02 mod corhan cor added option to not return data in place
03may02 mod corplot cor if coraccum data input, then average before plotting
03may02 new coraccum cor accumulate records
26apr02 mod corplot cor added /nolab param for stokes plotting.
19apr02 new corstokes cor Intensity calibrate stokes data.
19apr02 new cormask cor interactively create a mask for each board
15apr02 new yymmddtojulday gen convert yymmdd to julian day.
15apr02 new mmgetarchive cor extract processed mueller data from archive.
12apr02 new mmplotpnterr cor plot pointing error for mueller data
21mar02 new dwtempinp dwtemp input dewar temperature data
21mar02 new dwtempplot dwtemp plot dewar temperature data
21mar02 new daynotojul gen convert daynumber,year to julian day.
07mar02 mod corfrq cor added option to return rest frequency rather than topocentric frequency.
27feb02 new cumfilter gen carl heiles' cumfilter routine.
18feb02 new mmplotgtsb cor plot gain,tsys,sefd, beamWidth for mueller data
18feb02 new mmplotcsme cor plot coma,1stSideLb,mainbeam,mainbeam+1stSdlobe efficiencies.
21jan02 mod bluser generic fixed display of mask when hor scale not yet set.
07jan02 new cataloginp generic input a pointing catalog.
06jan02 new hdrget generic read in a number of headers.
29dec01 mod cormon cor added keywords avgscan,no1rec for remote monitoring.
10dec01 new stripmask generic Interactively create masks for strips of a map.
10dec01 mod cormapbc cormap Now removes system temperature. Also allows you to specify alternate sides of map for bandpass correction of each strip. /normal keyword removed.