Pdev system software (and jeffs code).




The pnet, prun, psrv suite of programs
How datataking starts, runs, and stops
Building a new version of the system software.
Changing rc.start in the boxes
    This documents the original programs supplied by jeff mock. The online data taking has built some other programs on top of this (see pnetctl)

The pnet, prun, psrc suite of programs.

    Jeff provided the following programs:
         pnet -> prun -> psrv -> disc

How datataking starts, runs, then stops.

    Starting/connecting: pnet -> prun -> psrv

The user starts the perl script pnet. Pnet starts prun and then psrv:

Starting datataking:

Finishing datataking:

Changing rc.start in the boxes

    The spectrometers execute /etc/rc.start on bootup. To  change something in this file:

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