12meter control program design

Last Update: 04apr16

Program overview
p12mMain: main program
p12mXfThr: 12meter control, transformation (ra,dec->az,el) thread
p12mLogThr: status logging thread
p12mIoThr:    thread to interact with external requests.
p12m logfile format


    The p12mProg is the AO control program for the 12meter telescope. It purpose is to:

Program overview:

    The p12mprogram consists of 1 main programs with 3 cooperating threads:

 p12mMain.c: main program

    p12Main program flow is:

    A number of routines common to the other threads are located in p12mProg.c

   Miscellaneous details:

p12mXfThr.c: radec->az,el and 12m control.

    xfThr is the thread that controls the 12meter telescope via ethernet. Once a second it computes ra,dec to az,el and then sends the info to the 12meter. It  takes it's input from an aoQueue. Once a second status info is sent to the logging thread.

    xfThr program flow is:

Further explanation of some routines:

 xfTickProc: processing at start of each tick:

xfProcCmd: Process a command request from IoThr

p12mLogThr.c: logging thread

p12mIoThr.c: handle I/O for external requests

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