wapp ntpd time jumps 2003-2006.


    The ntpd (network time protocol) daemon is run on each of the 4 wapps to keep the clocks synchronized with our time servers.  Previous measurements have shown that:

    To further investigate the ntp clock jumps , the ntp log file for the 4 wapps from  2003 thru march 2006 was scanned and the ntpd clock resets were examined. This reset occurs when the local clock has drifted beyond a maximum clock offset or frequency offset set by ntpd. Plots were made of when the time resets occurred as well as  the  clock and frequency offsets:

wapp1 time resets and offsets (.ps) (.pdf)
wapp2 time resets and offsets (.ps) (.pdf)
wapp3 time resets and offsets (.ps) (.pdf)
wapp4 time resets and offsets (.ps) (.pdf)

    To figure out why the wapp was busy, a plot was made of the time of day when the time jumps occurred (.ps)  (.pdf):


processing: x101/ntp/wapps/plotwapplogs.pro, plotwapptime_reset.pro

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