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The files are named:

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Primary header for psrfits:  (top)

    This is defined by the psrfits standard. It is the primary fits header.
All the data in the primary header is stored in ascii format.


Name value Description
SIMPLE T file does conform to FITS standard
BITPIX 8 number of bits per data pixel
NAXIS 0 number of data axes
EXTEND T FITS dataset may contain extensions
HDRVER '3.43 ' Header version
FITSTYPE 'PSRFITS ' FITS definition for pulsar data files
DATE '2011-07-20T02:47:08' File creation date (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss UTC)
OBSERVER 'team awesome' Observer name(s)
PROJID 'p2030 ' Project name
TELESCOP 'ARECIBO 305m' Telescope name
ANT_X 2390486.9 [m] Antenna X-coordinate from vlbi
ANT_Y -5564731.44 [m] Antenna Y-coordinate
ANT_Z 1994720.45 [m] Antenna Z-coordinate
FRONTEND 'alfa ' Rx and feed ID. names are:
NRCVR 2 Number of receiver polarisation channels
FD_HAND 1 +/- 1. +1 is LIN:A=X,B=Y, CIRC:A=L,B=R (I)
FD_SANG 0. [deg] FA of E vect for equal sig in A&B (E)
FD_XYPH 0. [deg] Phase of A^* B for injected cal (E)
BACKEND 'pdev ' Backend ID
BECONFIG 'N A ' / Backend configuration file name
BE_PHASE 0 0/+1/-1 BE cross-phase:0 unknown,+/-1 std/rev
BE_DCC 0 0/1 BE downconversion conjugation corrected
BE_DELAY 0. [s] Backend propn delay from digitiser input
TCYCLE 0. [s] On-line cycle time (D)
DATE-OBS '2011-07-20T02:42:39' Date of observation (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss UTC)
OBSFREQ 1300.168 [MHz] Centre frequency for observation
OBSBW 172.032 [MHz] Bandwidth for observation
OBSNCHAN 512 Number of frequency channels (original)
SRC_NAME 'J1844+0115' Source or scan ID
COORD_MD 'J2000 ' Coordinate mode (J2000, GAL, ECLIP, etc.)
EQUINOX 2000. Equinox of coords (e.g. 2000.0)
RA '18:44:26.9777' Right ascension (hh:mm:ss.ssss)
DEC '+01:21:01.4361' Declination (-dd:mm:ss.sss)
BMAJ 0. [deg] Beam major axis length
BMIN 0. [deg] Beam minor axis length
BPA 0. [deg] Beam position angle
STT_CRD1 '18:44:26.9777' Start coord 1 (hh:mm:ss.sss or ddd.ddd)
STT_CRD2 '+01:21:01.4361' Start coord 2 (-dd:mm:ss.sss or -dd.ddd)
STP_CRD1 '18:44:26.9777' Stop coord 1 (hh:mm:ss.sss or ddd.ddd)
STP_CRD2 '+01:21:01.4361' Stop coord 2 (-dd:mm:ss.sss or -dd.ddd)
SCANLEN 621.999976190476 [s] Requested scan length (E)
FD_MODE 'FA ' Feed track mode - FA, CPA, SPA, TPA
FA_REQ 0. [deg] Feed/Posn angle requested (E)
CAL_MODE 'OFF ' Cal mode (OFF, SYNC, EXT1, EXT2)
CAL_FREQ 0. [Hz] Cal modulation frequency (E)
CAL_DCYC 0. Cal duty cycle (E)
CAL_PHS 0. Cal phase (wrt start time) (E)
STT_IMJD 55762 Start MJD (UTC days) (J - long integer)
  • Integer MJD for start of scan
STT_SMJD 9758 [s] Start time (sec past UTC 00h) (J)
  • Integer seconds from midnite (mjd) for start of scan.
STT_OFFS 0.99999993853271 [s] Start time offset (D)
  • fraction of sec for start of scan
  • Note:
    • Should be exactly 1.00 but runs out of resolution on 15+ digit double (mjd was initially double). 1e-7secs/55762days is about 1part 10^16
STT_LST 65147.549366613 [s] Start LST (D)

AOGEN: generic ao information  (top)

    aogen bintable extension contains generic ao setup information. There is a bintable header but no row information.

Name value Description
XTENSION 'BINTABLE' ***** pdev spectrometer info *****
NAXIS 2 2-dimensional binary table
NAXIS1 0 Width of table in bytes
NAXIS2 0 Number of rows in table (NSUBINT)
PCOUNT 0 Size of special data area
GCOUNT 1 One data group (required keyword)
TFIELDS 0 Number of fields per row
FRONTEND 'alfa ' Receiver name
BACKEND 'pdev ' Backend name
BACKENDM 'summed ' Backend mode description
CALTYPE 'hcorcal ' diode calibration mode hcorcal,hca
OBSMODE 'ON ' Name of observation pattern (e.g. ONOFF)
SCANTYPE 'ON ' Type of scan (as part of pattern - e.g. ON OFF)
PAT_ID 120000119 Unique number for obs pattern YDDDnnnnn
SCAN_ID 120000119 Unique number for scan YDDDnnnnn
PLTPWRA -41.2788429260254 platform power meter reading polA dbm
PLTPWRB -39.7386589050293 platform power meter reading polB dbm
CNTLPWRA -41.1292953491211 control room power meter polA dbm
CNTLPWRB -41.4964332580566 control room power meter polB dbm
SYN1 1625000000. Platform synthesizer 1st lo (hz)
SYN2 325000000. ctrlRoom 2nd lo synth value this band (hz)
TCALNCF 0 Number of coef. in polyFit for tcal
TCALACF0 0. polyfit tcl polA constant (Ghz)
TCALACF1 0. polyfit tcl polA fr(Ghz)
TCALACF2 0. polyfit tcl polA f (Ghz)
TCALACF3 0. polyfit tcl polA f (Ghz)
TCALBCF0 0. polyfit tcl polB constant (Ghz)
TCALBCF1 0. polyfit tcl polB fr(Ghz)
TCALBCF2 0. polyfit tcl polB f (Ghz)
TCALBCF3 0. polyfit tcl polB f (Ghz)
NUMBEAMS 7 Num beams in this observation (1,7,or 8)
NUMIFS 2 Num subbands for this beam (1-8 or 1-2)
NUMPOLS 1 Num pols for this IF and this beam (1,2,or 4)
BEAM 1 Num this beam (1, 0 - 6 or 0 - 7)
PRFEED 0 ALFA beam used as pointing center
INPUT_ID 1 0..6 alfa, mixer num 0..6 for single pix
MASTER 0 0=Gregorian dome 1=Carriage house
LBWHYB 0 1=LBandWide Hybrid is in (for circular pol)
SHCL 0 1 if receiver shutter closed
SBSHCL 1 1 if S-band receiver shutter closed
RFNUM 17 Platform position of the receiver selector
CALRCVMX 15 Platform cal selector */
ZMNORMAL 1 1 straight thru, 0 flipped pols upstairs
RFATTNA 11 rf attenuator 0.11 db polA
RFATTNB 11 rf attenuator 0.11 db polB
IF1ATTNA 0 if1 attenuator 0.11 db polA
IF1ATTNB 0 if1 attenuator 0.11 db polB
IF1SEL 6 IF sel:1/300,2/750,3/1500,4/10GHz1500,5-thru
AC2SW 0 Platform AC power to various instruments
HYBRID 0 10Ghz Upconverter hybrid in use
PHBSIG 0 10Ghz Upconverter signal ph adjust
PHBLO 0 10Ghz Upconverter LO phase adjust
XFNORMAL 1 1 downstairs xfrer switch straight thru
AMPGAINA 8 Gain of control room amplifiers polA
AMPGAINB 8 Gain of control room amplifiers polB
NOISE 0 Control room noise src in use
INPFRQ 4 Control room input distributor position
MIXER 0 Control room mixer source switches
VLBAINP 0 Control room VLBA input switch position
SYNDEST 0 Control room synth destination for this brd
CALSRC 3 Control room cal mux source bit
BLANK430 0 Control room 430 blanking on
EXTVER 1 auto assigned by template parser

PDEV: spectrometer info  (top)

    pdev  bintable extension contains the mock pdev spectrometer setup info. There is a bintable header but no row information.

Name value Description
XTENSION 'BINTABLE' ***** pdev spectrometer info *****
NAXIS 2 2-dimensional binary table
NAXIS1 0 Width of table in bytes
NAXIS2 0 Number of rows in table (NSUBINT)
PCOUNT 0 Size of special data area
GCOUNT 1 One data group (required keyword)
TFIELDS 0 Number of fields per row
CALCTL 0 0:calAlwaysOff,1:calAlwaysOn, 2:winking cal
WCALON 0 winking cal dumps for calon
WCALOFF 0 winking cal dumps for caloff
WCALPHAS 0. Position cal change in last dump.
ADRMS_AI 32.3 a/d rms polA digI
ADRMS_AQ 29.8 a/d rms polA digQ
ADRMS_BI 30. a/d rms polB digI
ADRMS_BQ 30. a/d rms polB digQ
ADMN_AI -0.2 a/d mean polA digI
ADMN_AQ -0.2 a/d mean polA digQ
ADMN_BI 0.6 a/d mean polB digI
ADMN_BQ 0.2 a/d mean polB digQ
BBMGN_A 11 bbm gain polA db
BBMGN_B 9 bbm gain polB db
ADTIME 1311127033 secs 1970 when a/d rms measured
PHMAINID -16793873 pdev hdr id
PHSP1ID 780401409 pdev sp1hdr id
PHADCF 172030000 A/D freq read from pdev
PHBSWAP 1 pdev byte swap code
PHBLKSIZ 1032 pdev bytes in buffer
PHNBLKS 9499636 pdev nblocks
PHBEAM 1 pdev beam 0..
PHSUBBND 1 pdev subband. 0 low 1 hi
PHLO1MIX 1625000000 pdev lo1mix
PHLO2MX0 175000000 pdev lo2mix subband 0
PHLO2MX1 325000000 pdev lo2mix subband 1
PHADCCLK 172032000 pdev adcclk from pnet.conf file
PHSTTIME 1311129759 pdev seconds from 1970
PHRESV1 1 pdev resv1 b0->psrvphil
PHIF1 250000000 pdev if1 from pnet.conf
PHFMTWID 1 pdev output bits 0-8,1=16,2=32
PHFMTTYP 0 pdev 0-stokesI,1=S0,S1,2=s0,s1,s2,s3
PHFFTLEN 512 pdev fft length
PHCHN1 0 pdev first chan to dump. cnt from 0
PHCHN2 511 pdev last chan to dump.cnt from 0
PHFFTACC 22 pdev ffts to accumulate
PHDRPACC 0 pdev ffts to drop each accum
PHARSEL 0 pdev where A real signal originates
PHAISEL 1 pdev where A img signal originates
PHBRSEL 2 pdev where B real signal originates
PHBISEL 3 pdev where B img signal originates
PHARNEG 0 pdev negate A real signal
PHAINEG 0 pdev negat A img signal
PHBRNEG 0 pdev negate B real signal
PHBINEG 0 pdev negat B img signal
PHPFBBYP 0 pdev bypass pfb
PHPSHIFT 511 pdev PSHIFT for butterflys
PHUPSHFT 0 pdev upshift after fft
PHDSH_S0 0 pdev S0 downshift before accum
PHDSH_S1 0 pdev S1 downshift before accum
PHDSH_S2 0 pdev S2 downshift before accum
PHDSH_S3 0 pdev S3 downshift before accum
PHASH_S0 15 pdev S0 upshift 40bits accum
PHASH_S1 15 pdev S1 upshift 40bits accum
PHASH_S2 15 pdev S2 upshift 40bits accum
PHASH_S3 15 pdev S3 upshift 40bits accum
PHASH_SI 15 pdev SI upshift 40bits accum
PHDRPST 5 pdev ffts to drop at start
PHDLO 0 pdev digial LO
PHDLOPH 0 pdev digital lo phase
PHHRMODE 0 pdev hiRes Mode
PHHRDEC 8 pdev hiRes decimation
PHHRSHIF 9 pdev hiRes shift
PHHROFF 8 pdev hiRes offset
PHHRLPF 0 pdev timeDomain data code
PHHRDWEL 0 pdev hiRes dwell
PHHRINC 0 pdev hiRes digital lo increment
PHBLKSEL 15 gpio pin for extern blank 0xffff=none
PHBLKPER 0 0-use extBlnkTime.>0=# ticks blank afterPulse
PHADCTHR 1 # adcOvf before blank. 0xffff=off
PHADCDWL 0 extend adcovfBlank by this many ticks
PHCALSEL 1 gpio pin for cal input. 0xf--> no cal
PHCALPH 0 0 to FCNT-1. when cal transitions in dump
PHCALCTL 0 B1=1 --> winking cal else:B0=1 calOn,b0=0 calof
PHCALON 2 # of dumps for winking calon (if enabled)
PHCALOFF 2 # of dumps for winking caloff (if enabled)
EXTVER 1 auto assigned by template parser

SUBINT: psrfits data  (top)

    The subint bintable extension contains:

Subint Bintable header:

Name value Description
XTENSION 'BINTABLE' ***** Subintegration data *****
NAXIS 2 2-dimensional binary table
NAXIS1 15950148 width of table in bytes
NAXIS2 115 Number of rows in table (NSUBINT)
PCOUNT 0 size of special data area
GCOUNT 1 one data group (required keyword)
TFIELDS 18 Number of fields per row
INT_UNIT 'SEC ' Unit of time axis (SEC, PHS (0-1), DEG)
SCALE 'FluxDen ' Intensity units (FluxDen/RefFlux/Jansky)
NPOL 1 Number of polarisations
POL_TYPE 'AA+BB ' Polarisation identifier (e.g., AABBCRCI, AA+BB)
TBIN 6.54761904761905E-05 [s] Time per bin or sample
  • This is wall time not integration time.
NBIN 1 Nr of bins (PSR/CAL mode; else 1)
NBIN_PRD 0 Nr of bins/pulse period (for gated data)
PHS_OFFS 0. Phase offset of bin 0 for gated data
NBITS 16 Nr of bits/datum (SEARCH mode 'X' data, else 1)
NSUBOFFS 268 Subint offset (Contiguous SEARCH-mode files)
  • row number in scan for first row in this file (count from 0). Non zero if not the first file of a multi file scan.
NCHAN 512 Number of channels/sub-bands in this file
CHAN_BW -0.336 [MHz] Channel/sub-band width
  • < 0 --> band is flipped in frequency
NCHNOFFS 0 Channel/sub-band offset for split files
NSBLK 15270 Samples/row (SEARCH mode, else 1)
EXTNAME 'SUBINT ' name of this binary table extension
The following entries define the data and status array dimensions and datatypes.
'DATA    '
 Subint data table uses field keyword DATA
'(1,512,1,15270)' dataAr Dimensions (NBIN,NCHAN,NPOL,NSBLK)
NBIN*NCHAN*NPOL*NSBLK I(short), B(byte) or X(bit)
'STAT    '
Subint pdev stat table
'152700I '
TDIM18 '(10,15270)' statAr Dimensions (10,NSBLK)

SUBINT bintable row definitions  (top)

Name value Description
TSUBINT double [sec] Length of subintegration (wall time)
OFFS_SUB double [sec] Offset from Start of scan to subint center
LST_SUB double [sec] LST at subint centre
RA_SUB double [deg] RA (J2000) at subint center
DEC_SUB double [deg] Dec (J2000) at subint center
GLON_SUB double [deg] [deg] Gal longitude at subint center
GLAT_SUB double [deg] [deg] Gal latitude at subint center
FD_ANG float [deg] [deg] Feed angle at subint center
  • alfa motor Rotation angle that was used.
POS_ANG float [deg] [deg] Position angle of feed at subint center
PAR_ANG float [deg] [deg] Parallactic angle at subint center
TEL_AZ float [deg] [deg] Telescope azimuth at subint center. pointing model removed
This is the azimuth encoder value from the dome side. For dome observing it is the
feed azimuth. For ch house observing it is the source azimuth.

TEL_ZEN float [deg] [deg] Telescope zenith angle at subint center. pointing model removed.
DAT_FREQ fltarr(nchan) [MHz] center frequency for each channel
  • Array of nchan floats.
DAT_WTS fltarr(nchan) Weights for each channel
  • array of nchan floats
DAT_OFFS fltarr(nchan) Data offset for each channel
  • array of nchan floats
DAT_SCL fltarr(nchan) Data scale factor for each channel
  • array  of nchan floats.
DATA intarr(nbin*nchan*npol*nsblk) Subint data table
STAT sharr(10*nsblk) Subint pdev stat table
  • There  is a stat table entry  for every spectra (10 shorts ). They are:
  • stat[0,i]= sequence number. Increments for each spectra.  counts 0 to 65535 then wraps around.
  • stat[1,i]=fftaccum. how many ffts were accumulated in this integration. If blanking is enabled then this can be less than the requested value (see PHFFTACC in the aopdev header for the requested number of accumulations.)
  • stat[2,i]=cal on (1--> cal was on sometime during this integration)
  • overflow errors coding used below
    • 0- no errors
    • 1= 1 error
    • 2= 2-3 errors
    • 3=4-7 errors
    • ..
    • 13 > 4096 errors
    • y< 2^n   ..
    • errors are checked on every sample, spectra.
  • stat[3,i]=number of adcOverflow during this accum
  • stat[4,i]=polyphase filterbank overflows (in butterfly stages)
  • stat[5,i]=vshift saturation count. upshift after pfb
  • stat[6,i]=saturation count accumulating stokes U,V
  • stat[7,i]=saturation count accumulating polA,B
  • stat[8,i]=saturation count upshifting stokesU,V for output packing
  • stat[9,i]=saturation count upshifting polA,B for output packing.
TDIM17 '(1,512,1,15270)' Dimensions (NBITS or NBIN,NCHAN,NPOL,NSBLK)
TUNIT17 'Jy ' Units of subint data
TDIM18 '(10,15270)' Dimensions (10,NSBLK)

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