cordmp - Output an ASCII summary record for every scan in an AO correlator datafile.


cordmp {-c -f firstchar} corfilename


-c    only output the starting scan of each calibrate pattern.
-f firstchar    prepend the character firstchar to each output line.


    cordmp will scan a AO correlator datafile and output a summary record (in ASCII) for each scan found. If the -c option is used then only the starting scan of each heiles calibration pattern will be output. The -f firstchar will prepend firstchar to each output line. The program takes the input from the filename input and then writes to standard output.
    The output from cordmp can be processed by other filters such as grep, sed, awk, tcl, or perl...


    cordmp is a macro that processes the arguments and then calls the actual filter program: cordmpprg.


megs% cordmp corfile.22apr02.a1359.1
scan 211202960 nrecs  50 x   6 az 160.0827 za 11.5772 tm  2966.024  6 src c14.HQ
scan 211202961 nrecs  50 x   6 az 160.0664 za 11.5785 tm  3327.026  6 src c14.HQ
scan 211202962 nrecs   1 x  10 az 155.0998 za 12.0403 tm  3633.029  6 src c14.HQ
scan 211202963 nrecs   1 x  10 az 154.9289 za 12.0586 tm  3644.008  6 src c14.HQ
scan 211202964 nrecs  50 x   6 az 152.8855 za 14.1053 tm  3718.009  6 src 324.085989
scan 211202965 nrecs  50 x   6 az 152.8731 za 14.1071 tm  4079.011  6 src 324.085989
scan 211202966 nrecs   1 x  10 az 149.1467 za 14.6957 tm  4385.013  6 src 324.085989
scan 211202967 nrecs   1 x  10 az 149.0192 za 14.7181 tm  4396.013  6 src 324.085989
  • scan is the scan number
  • nrecs are the number of records in the scan followed by x and then the seconds per record.
  • az, za are the azimuth and zenith angle in degrees at the end of the first record of the scan
  • tm is the AST time in seconds from midnight when the az,za were recorded
  • 6 this number is the receiver number. 1-327,2-430,3-610,5-lbw,6-lbn,7-sbw,8-sbhi,9-cb,11-xb,12=sbn
  • src the source name supplied by the user. If no name was supplied then it will be the last src name specified.

  • Each of the keywords in the line will be separated by a blank from the following data so you can parse on blanks.

    A second example scans a file outputting just the calibration scans.

    megs% cordmp -c calfile.30jul02.a1575.1
    scan 221000365 rcv  9 az 311 za  7.2 tm 77598(21:33:18) src B1756+134
    scan 221000371 rcv  9 az 299 za 16.3 tm 78281(21:44:41) src B1843+098
    scan 221000377 rcv  9 az 287 za 16.0 tm 78814(21:53:34) src B1857+129
    scan 221100019 rcv  9 az 341 za 13.9 tm  4138(01:08:58) src B2128+048
    There are 6 scans per calibration pattern. The scanumbers are jumping by 6. The time has AST seconds from midnight and an hh:mm:ss version.


    /usr/local/bin/cordmp - the macro that drives the program
    /usr/S2local/bin/cordmpprg - the binary program
    ~phil/util/filters/cordmpprg.c the source code for cordmpprg.


        cordmp macro will run on any machine. The cordmpprg binary will only run on SOLARIS.




        cordmpprg needs to be upgraded so the user can specify which header variables they want on output (this is in progress).
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