bToJ - convert coordinates from B1950 to J2000.


bToJ < inputFile > outputFile


    The routine reads from standard input and writes to standard output.


bToJ converts B1950 coordinates to J2000 format. The input and output is in ASCII. The input file format is:
Key hhmmss.s ddmmss.s
One entry per line. The key can be anything you want (srcname, etc..). The output will be the same format but the positions will now be in J2000 (it will not modify the key). You can run the program interactively entering the src, ra, and dec from the keyboard or use file input, output.


  • Enter input from the the terminal, output goes to the terminal.
  • bToJ
    xxxsrcname  202020 101010   .. user enters the b1950 coords
    xxxsrcname  202243.9408  101950.2285 .. program outputs the J2000 coordinates.
    ctrl-D to exit
  •  Place input in a file one line at a time, write output to another file
  •   bToJ < inputfile > outputfile
  • Convert all of the B coordinates in to J2000
  •  grep "^B" /share/obs4/usr/x101/cat/ | bToJ > outputfile
     The only problem with this is that the first col of the output file still has the B names.


    Binary in /usr/S2local/bin, source in /home/phil/util/filters/bToJ.c


            The binary will run on sun solaris machines.
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