Pointing errors at noon (for venus run).


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      In aug15 there will be a venus run that starts around midday. During this pass, venus will have a declination of about 7 degrees.
To check the pointing, i did some calibration scans around noon. During these runs i turned off tiedown tracking. The tracking algorithm makes things worse when we loose tension in a tiedown ( it continually tries to push the platform higher, but there is no tension to release in the cable.. this tilts the platform).
    At high za we would loose tension in td 8,12 (rise) and td 12 (setting). This would give errors an az and za. For some of the runs, i pulled the plaform a little lower than ideal, so we would not loose as much tension..

    Data was taken on:

    The plots show the pointing results from the runs (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/150418/doit.pro

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