Steps in making the pointing model


    The steps in making a pointing model are listed below. I've tried to give an estimate of how much time this takes. All estimates assume:

Steps in making a model:

Summary of time:

The time line needs to go in order (maybe residual tilt and focus curve could be interchanged).

measure platform residual tilt
on 2 different days
can probably be done on 2  cool afternoon2
Measure the focus curve on J2251+161
3 hours
Possibly two days
but needs to be done when it's cool.
(this is a problem in feb since the source transits around 14:00)
Might want to try this i 1 day, then find another source.. so this should not be scheduled
immediately before the model datataking..
take data on 20 sources
4 12hour days
about 40 hours on source.. plus time to wait for sources to rise
Assuming 12hours/nite 17:00 to 7am 40 hours is 3.33 days
so 4 days 12 hours a day will probably work when you include the time for the source.
If the temperature is cool we can start earlier and end later. this could speed this up.

compute the model
1 day
off telescope

transfer model to other receivers:
12 hours
12 hours*2days
tot:3 nights
track 6-8 sources sbn
retrack with the other 9 receivers (maybe leave out 327).