Network Info.

jan 2007

Ao topology

16may11 - Requests to naic http daemon

    The http access logs for 01jan11 thru 16may11 were checked to see who was accessing the ao http daemon.
the file lists the requestors. The file info is:

Most active requestors jan11-may11
# accesses
192.253.128 3
115.195.67 15
71.249.66 43
67.195.37 4
67.195.114 13
192.65.175 80
I ignored networks with less than 1000 requests in jan-may timeperiod.

processing: xxx/http/

17jan07: megs/megs2 slow transfers to local network. Measure some i/o rates.

    megs (ultra10) megs2 (3.2 Ghz linux) were getting slow performance. I did some rough measurements using ftp, sftp,and scp.
cpu From cpuTo i/o Rate program Notes
aolc3 megs2 340 kb/sec sftp

aolc6 megs2 320 kb/sec sftp 2 times
aolc6 megs 92 kb/sec sftp
aolc6 agauda 15 mb/sec scp gigabit link

megs fusion01 92kb/sec ftp aolcc

megs megs2 11 mb/sec sftp or scp on same  100 mbit
switch in room.
megs2 megs 2.2 mb/sec sftp or scp on same 100 mbit
switch in room
megs megs2 160 kb/sec scp megs2 now on gigabit switch
megs still on 100 mbit.