Using idl to process AO spectral line data

May 2003 (this work is in progress...)

Idl basics:  (top)

AO jargon.  (top)

Generic cor routines.  (top)

CALS:  (top)

Processing position switch data:  (top)

Processing stokes data (non calibration runs)  (top)

Process ON scans (no off)  (top)

Using the data archive:  (top)

The data archive consists of tables containing header information for each scan taken at the observatory as well as pointers to the location of the header/spectral data on disc. This data is accessed via the idl routines listed below. A user would call arch_gettbl() to input the table (or a subset of it). corfindpat() can create subsets of the table. arch_getdata()  or arch_getonoff() can be used to read in the spectra. See arch_gettbl() for a description of the table entries.

Using the calibration archive:  (top)

The calibration archive contains all of the calibration scan (heiles calibration) done at the observatory. It is updated at the beginning of each month.  Each measurement is a structure containing the results of the fitting for a single frequency. mmgetarchive() can be used to recall the data. mmplotgtsb(),mmplotcsme,  mmplotazza(), and mmplotpnterr() can be used to generate various plots.

scanlist based routines:  (top)