System performance after reflector adjustments 2004.


    The 3 reflectors were adjusted during 2004. The dates were:

Data taken before the adjustments were compared to data after (or nearly after) the adjustments to see how the performance of the telescope changed.  The higher frequency receivers were used since they are more sensitive to reflector errors. The receivers and dates for their data sets are:
receiver frequency (Mhz) before dates after dates sources After
cband 5000 may03 to jun04 dec04 to jan05 B0134+329 3C48
B0316+162 CTA21
B0518+165 3C138
cband hi 6900 march 04 to jun04 dec04 to jan05 B0428+205
B0518+165 3C138
xband 9000 march 04 to jun04 dec04 to jan05 B0428+205
B0518+165 3C138
B0758+143 3C190

The cband comparison limited the before sources to the same ones that were measured after the adjustments (so there should be less question about source fluxes). The  Cband hi and xband receivers used all sources taken during the "before" dates (since there were not many common sources).

The plots show the gain, Tsys, SEFD, and average beam widths (.ps)  (.pdf) for the 3 receivers.  Black is used for the sources taken before the adjustments while red is used for data taken after the adjustments.

processing: x101/050117/