Alfa  outer beam position errs with mock spectrometer

The mock fits file position errors.
Drift scans through srcs at the meridian.
Plots showing the results of the drift scans (.ps) (.pdf):
When the bug was fixed.
What needs to be fixed in the old data


     The fits files generated by the mock spectrometers had an error in the recorded positions for alfa's outer beams (1,2,3,4,5,6). The error has been there since the start of mock spectrometer data (nov08). The problem was reported by the galfacts group in nov09. The errors occur in the cimafits as well as the psrfits files.

    The outer beam positions are  computed by:

The mock position error(s):


Drift scans through continuum sources at meridian.

      Data was taken on 25nov09 to see the alfa rotation error (the sin(za) error had already been fixed on 17nov09).
The setup was:
The plots show the results of the drift scans (.ps) (.pdf):

    The plots show

When the bug was fixed:

What needs to be fixed in the old data:


processing: x101/091125/