Instabilities in alfa bm 1b.


a2048 (ages) data 18apr11
a2010 (alfalfa) data 19apr11
a2130 (galfacts) data 20- xx apr11


     On 19apr11 project a2010 (alfalfa) reported some instabilities in alfa beam1B.
Data from projects a2048 (ages), a2010 (alfalfa), and a2130 (galfacts) was examined to see what was going on:

18apr11: a2048  (ages) (19:30 to 23:30) (top)

    This data was taken right before the a2010 data that reported the problems. The setup for a2048 was:
a2048  data (.pdf)
processing: x101/110419/

19apr11: a2010 (0:00 to 2:30) (top)

    The a2010 data was taken on 19apr11 (after the a2048 data above). The two files prior to midnite were ignored. The setup was:
a2010 data (.pdf)
processing: x101/110419/

A2130 data:

See a2130 cal deflection for the galfacta 2130 data.

Summary: (top)