Bandpass ripple from alfa fiber


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14,19oct11: fiber ripple
23apr11: fiber ripple

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pixel4a ripple: first seen sep04
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14,19oct11 ripple

    Galfa data was used to look at the ripple in the alfa fibers. Typically 35 files are used. The setup and processing was:
 The timeline was:
The plots of 14oct11show the ripple (.ps) (.pdf):
The plots of 19oct11 show the ripple after cleaning the connectors (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/111017/ , x101/111019/


    galfa spectrometer data was taken on 23apr11 (a2124) commensally with galfacts (a2130). The first 34 files were processed (excluding the freq hop spectra) to look at any ripples in the bandpass. Each file contained 600 seconds of data. Beam 6 was not used since both the amps (pola,polb) were not working.
The processing was:

Plots of ripple amplitude vs delay (.ps) (.pdf)
The 2nd set of plots show the ripple amplitude variation with time (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/110423/