Alfa Noise test 02mar04..


    The alfa if/lo  processor was tested on 02mar04 while it was installed in the receiver room. One noise source was connected to pixels 1ab,2ab,3ab,4b,5ab,6ab,7ab . Pixel 4a had a separate noise source connected to it. The noise source provided a signal at lband. This was split, routed to the rf amplifiers, mixers, through the fiber optic xmter/rcvr, and then into the wapps. A 100 Mhz bandwidth (3 level sampling) was taken with 4096 usecond dumps for 60 seconds.
    The IF/LO processor was placed in rack 1 below the radios. To check for rf pickup, synthesizer 1 in the downstairs racks was set to: 1308 Mhz, 14 dbm, and front panel output (with a bnc to sma connector present). This birdie was picked up by the alfa front end IF/LO.
    The plots are:
processing: x101/040302/,,,