ALFA turret motor


com program: alfa_motor.c
gui for control:alfamotorwin
    check that alfa_motor.c is running
    Check the status of the alfa motor controller
    Check the led of the front of the alfa motor controller.
    Some common failures





Communications program: alfa_motor.c

The ALFA rotator should now be working.
Commands are send to the ALFAMOTOR socket.
Commands to this socket are:
POSITION  degrees [ REPLY ]  - Starts the ALFA rotator moving to the desired position in degrees.
Valid positions are +/- 100 degrees. If you put the optional "REPLY" command, it will send a message when
it gets there. If it never gets there (maybe because somebody sent a DISABLE command) it will barf an
error. The REPLY option was added for the observing executive so that it can block till the rotator is
in-position. The POSITION command always sends DISABLE then ENABLE and then the position
command.This action clears any pending move commands.
ENABLE - Enables the rotator to accept POSITION commands. (Never needed in practice.)
DISABLE - Stops the rotator from moving.
RAW enc_counts velocity - Debug tool.

The position is polled every half a second and if it changes it  is sent to the
ALFAMON program which broadcasts the position with the monitor data every 10 seconds.
There is a new keyword for the tcl/tk alfa command to return the motor position called:
alfa motor_position
The motor is controlled via a serial port plugged into the aeroncpu (
computer in the wapp room.

gui to control the alfa motor: alfamotorwin


Check that the alfa_motor program is running on aeroncpu:

Check the alfa motor controller status:

    The alfamotorwin program is a gui based program that lets you read the motor status:

Check the LED on the motor controller front panel:

    The motor controller is inside the huffman box next to alfa on the rotary floor. It is has servostar printed on its front panel. An led on the front panel tells the status of the controller. page 112 of the setup and reference guide gives the values:
Some values are:
What you see on the amplifier LEDS:

Some common failures:


Setup and Reference Guide ServorStar CD (we're using a CE06)
ServoStart S and ServoStar CD installation manual
ServoStar S andCD series Sine encoder feedback
Application note: S/CD Series Serial communications protocol
Application note: Servostar S/CD position control
Kolmorgon documentation ServoStartCD controller.