The size of the cal deflection is not a function of rotation angle.


        It was hypothesized that the size of the cal deflection might depend on the rotation angle of the alfa receiver (2004 Dec20 Holistic estimates of Alfa cal values... Heiles, Action item 3,pg 22).The idea was that some of the cal was going out a horn, bouncing around, and then coming back in a different (or the same) horn.
    To test this, data was taken on 01jun05 using the wapps in pulsar mode.

The setup was:

    The data acquisition consisted of moving from rotation angle -90 to +90 in 100 seconds, then +90 back to -90. This was repeated to give 4 passes through the -90 to +90 range.
    The data analysis was:     The plots show the normalized caldeflection versus rotation angle (.ps) (.pdf):


    The cal deflection was measured as a function of feed rotation angle. The cal deflection is not a function of rotation angle down to .3% of the cal value.
processing: x101/050601/