Resonance in the alfa receiver.


    Alfa was installed on 21apr04. On 22apr04 pixel 0 of the alfa receiver was connected to the lband wide cables and brought down using the old if/lo system (the new iflo had not yet been installed). When the dewar was warm,  a resonance was seen when the omt's were connect back to back inside the alfa band (below 1520 Mhz). Ganesh want to see if it had moved after cooling the receiver.

    The interim correlator was setup to take 4 25Mhz bands centered at 1500 Mhz using 1024 channels each. 10 seconds of data was acquired (while the sky drifted by). The data is plotted as it is read back from the correlator. The vertical scale is linear in power. The bandpass of the system (including the iflo filters) has not been removed.

    The plots show the resonance:

processing: x101/040422/