may/june 2017: 60Hz seen in alfa bm5,6 data.

17may17: investigating the problem
09jun17: resolving the problem.

17may17: Investigating the problem.

    Project p2030 reported problems with alfa beams 5 and 6 during observing runs in apr/may17. When processing the runs, the rfi excision was excluding most of the beam 5 and beam 6 data.

    The p2030 setup is:

Known problems with alfa beams:

Looking at the p2030 data.

    I took a look at  some of the p2030 data that had been reported bad.

Image of 1 second of data from 10may17 (.gif)

bm 6 total power plots vs time (10may17)

    10may17  1450 MHz band (.ps) (.pdf)
    10may17  1300 MHz band (.ps) (.pdf)

total power plots vs time from all  7 beams.

    I looked at p2030 from apr17 thru may17 to see what has been going on.

Taking data 16may17.

    I took some data on 16may17 (after the p2030 run).

What is going on:

processing: 170515/alfabm56,

170609: resolving the problem.

After the repairs, i took some data with alfa to check things.

The setup was;

Processing the data:

the plots show the residual 60 hz in the data (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/170609/