Hurricane Maria




    This page has links to hurricane maria's affect on AO.

Tilt sensor data during hurricane maria

    The tilt sensors are mounted on the rotary floor.

The first plots shows the tilt sensor data for the entire time (.pdf).

The 2nd plot has the tilt values and wind speed,direction for 20sep17 (.ps) (.pdf)

The last plot has the spectrum of the pitch tilt sensor by hour for 20sep17 (.ps) (.pdf)

tilt summary


Tiedown tensions during hurricane maria.

    Tiedown cables connect a cement block on the ground to each corner of the platform. There are 2 cables from each corner down to the corresponding cement block. The cables are attached to the block with a 150 ton jack that is computer controllable. The two cables at each corner connect to the jack with a pin/loadcell that measures the tension in each cable.

The first plots shows the td tensions for 20sep17 (.ps) (.pdf)

The second set of plots  has the  spectra of the td tension by hour of day (.ps) (.pdf)

Td Summary

processing: x101/Y17/170920/

td,tilt sensor summary