lbw sefd change 2006 to 2016


  Causes of SEFD variability
Selection criteria for SEFD data.
Plots of SEFD vs time
        1415 Mhz
        1666 Mhz


     The variation with time of the lbw performance was measured using the SEFD (System Equivalent Flux Density). This is  the ratio of System Temperature(Tsys)/Telescope Gain (our Tsys includes the sky). A smaller value of SEFD is better. If Tsys increases, or the gain decreases, then the SEFD will increase. To measure the  tsys or gain you need:

Causes of SEFD variability:

Selection criteria for the data:

     SEFD  data from jan06 through 30jun16 was used to check how the system performance of lbw has changed with time.

SEFD plots of 1415 and 1666 MHz

1415 MHz SEFD plots (.ps)   (.pdf)

1666 MHz SEFD plots (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/160621/