1400 Mhz resonance in lbw pola


    The lband wide dewar warmed up and worked on 01jun05. A broken cal cable for polB was replaced. After the receiver was cooled down again a bump appeared at 1400 Mhz in polA.  Lbw spectra at 1400 Mhz (.ps)  (.pdf) show the bump in polA.

    This problem did not exist before the dewar warmup and cool down on 01jun05. It is probably coming before the cal injection. Most resonances in the omt occur in both pols (more info) so it is a bit strange that we only see it in one polarization.

Notes: These spectra were taken at noon so they look a little ratty do to the scintillation.

Note 07mar06: Resonances were created in polA and polB: