aug15: lbw polB drifting


Proj A2812 data
19aug15: 900 secs of total power data while sitting.
31aug15: 2 hours of total power  data while sitting. warmup then cooldown dewar.
17,18sep15: total power data after dewar worked on.
22sep15: total pwr vs time as we warm the dewar a few degrees


         Project a2812 reported unstable baselines in their lbw data taken in august. I looked at their data. We then took some total power data on 19,31aug15, 17,18,22 sep15.

A2812 data:

 Their setup is:
I plotted  up the total power vs time for the data they took in aug15 (.ps) (.pdf)

processing:  usr/a2812/

  19aug15:Total power data taken while sitting:

On 19aug15 the stability of lbw was monitored using the interim correlator. The setup was:

The plots show the total power vs time while sitting at az=285,za=11 (.ps) (.pdf)
processing: x101/150819/

150831: totPwr data taken while dewar warmed then cooled.

    On 31aug15 we looked at the stability of lbw while we let the dewar warm up a little.
 the setup was:
    The plots show the total power vs time (.ps) (.pdf):
processing x101/150831/

150917,18 : Data taken after dewar worked on.

    The dewar was taken offline and worked on during sept. The voltages for the compressors and refrigerators were also increased on
16sep15 (this stopped the problem of ratcheting in the dewar.

    Data was taken on 17 and 18sep15 to again check the stability of lbw.
The setup was:

    The plots show the total power  vs time for the 2 days (.ps) (.pdf)

processing: x101/150918/

150922:totpwr data while we warm up dewar

    The data from 18sep15 showed that lbw polA and polB tracked one another for over an hour. During this observation the dewar temperature was stable. Back on 31aug15 we saw that as we warmed up the dewar a little, polB signal increased rapidly.
    On 22sep15 we turned off the lbw refrigerator for a few minutes while we took some total power data.
The setup was:

The plots show the total power vs time for the 500 sec observation (.ps) (.pdf)

processing: x101/150922/