dec 10

    problems with the if/lo system:
101112 rfattnB rfattn polB switching error:
rf attenuator polB error. 87130 readback of attenautor position times out.
Later in the day tried switching and found no problems.
errMsg in /share/obs4/msgs/dtmsgs:
Dec  6 07:38:24 da :if1Prog:E:4240002:hp87130Err:swNum: 19 hpErr1:  1006 hpErr2:     0
not communicating over gpib
Jan 28 01:36:02 da :hp87130OpcWait:E:3f7000b:    0b is a timeout on wait for reply
-When we went up saw the error red led on all the time, the switching light was always on.
-Cylcing the 87130 power made no difference error light stayed on.
- replaced87130 with  spare .. worked ok
- brought bad 87130 down to rcvr room .. plugged it into gpib bus (disconnected upstairs) and it started to work.
--> so 87130 without driving any switches is probably ok

Feb  7 05:25:24 da :if1Prog:E:4240002:hp87130Err:swNum: 19 hpErr1:  1006 hpErr2:     0
- This occurred 5 times till 7am.
- this also occurred on 23jan12 once.
-swNum 19 is rfAttn polB
-uses 87130 card3 using chan 12 - 15 (count from 1)
hpErr1 1006: (see 87130 manual 4-45 ERRor? command)
1006,Channel timeout <17 hex digits>
This error is generated when a relay apparently fails to switch, based on the
detected state of the sense lines. The 17 hex digits indicate which card and
which of the 32 channels experienced failures just as for error 1001. Each
channel has two associated bits; the leftmost indicates that the error was
detected on the CLOSED side of the relay; the rightmost that the error was
detected on the OPEN side. A failure is indicated with a 1.
❍ A Channel timeout without an accompanying Sense error
    indicates that the sense lines were in a valid state, but it was the
    wrong state.
❍ A Channel timeout with a Sense error indicates that both sense
     lines appeared to be at 0 V.
❍ A Sense error without a Channel timeout means both sense lines
     appeared to be at 24 V.

Since we had hpErr2=0 .. (no sense error) then the sense lines were ok but it was the wrong state.
(didn't switch).Historically we've had  problems with this combination of 87130 channels and attenuator..

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