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    The dds synthesizers are used for the doppler correction during radar experiments. There are two synthsizers that are drivenv by the dap1 computer in the da crate. The dap1 computer (mv162) has 4 industry pack interfaces (ip interfaces). One of these has bill sisk's custom ip board that drives the dds synthesizers (where are in an exteral chassis).
  Names/locations of some software:


Bill Sisk's documentation:   

    Notes: this was copied from maestro server , bill sisk's disc on 15feb11.

    Software documentation:



14feb11 - ddsProg stops doppler updates during moon430 run

    The 430 Mhz moon bistatic observing had trouble with the data on 12jul10. Looking at the datataking log file (/share/obs4/msgs/dtmsgs.2010) the ddsProg had some messages saying that it was late for interrupt. These errors occurred  on:
 10jul10, 11jul10,12jul10,29oct10, and 31oct10.
     When the error occurs, the ddsProg stops the doppler updates and waits for a command to start another  look (or run). For asteroids this will occur every roundtrip time. For the moon 430 this is a bistatic run and it lasts for up to 2 hours.
    The dds update rate (dopipp) for most radar runs is 2000 usecs. For the moon430 runs it is set at 1000 usecs. On 15feb11 i ran the  diagnostic program ipDgSyn02.c to check on how short an ipp would work:
    The solution to the problem is to change the ipp update rate of the moon datatking to 2000 usecs.

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