Sbc4 polA highTsys


   Tsys is taken daily with the interim correlator. The same signal is sent to all 4 interim correlator board (sbc's). On 18Aug12 (after an aeronomy run) tsys polA from sbc4 was higher than the values from polA sbc1-3. This continued will 27Aug12. The problem properties were:
    On 20Aug12 some tests were done to see where the problem was occurring (.ps) (.pdf):
We then switched the outputs of the half band filter for 3a,4a. When we did this, the problem moved to sbc3A
On 27Aug12 we
After the problem went away, I took some data measuring tsys for bandwidths 25MHz ->.19MHz for 9 and 3 level sampled (.ps) (.pdf):
Some similar icorr problems:


processing: 120820/, 120827/

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