Hurricane georges



    This page has info on hurricane georges as it passed ao. It was cobbled together on 5may21. I had trouble finding a lot of the original monitor data (it must be backed up on tape somewhere).

Tilt sensor data

    The tilt sensors were taking data during the storm. They were located in the dome on  the turret floor. When the turret floor was at 75 degrees, the pitch tilt sensor (+/- 15 degrees) pointed along the azimuth arm and the roll tilt sensor was pointed perpendicular to the azimuth arm.
Looking at the recorded data we must have used the pitch tilt sensor.

    I don't have an online version of the turret location. I'm assuming it was at 75 degrees so the pitch tilt sensor was pointing along the  azimuth arm.
The az, za was 257 az, 8.8 za (stow position with pins in). The rotary floor is level at za=10deg, so the tilt sensor should have been reading -1.2 degrees. The dc value was around -5.9 degrees, so the angle amplitudes are not correct:

When was data taken:

Plots showing the pitch tilt sensor value and spectra  (.ps)   (.pdf)

Blowup of strong oscillations (.ps) (.pdf)

Dynamic spectra of 22sep98 01:12 to 06:00 (.gif)