Gain curve plots with all receivers


Gain curves for all reciever.

     Gain curves for various receivers and freq  (ps)  (.pdf) are plotted versus zenith angle. (last updated 22nov05)     Looking at the second figure, some of the recievers have gains that do not follow the general trend. This could be a problem in the cal value used. It could also be caused by and over or under illumination of the tertiary by the horn. The cbh offset is probably coming from an underillumation of the horn (see: hpbw vs lambda).

    The absolute gain (in K/Jy) that is quoted may be  incorrect, but the gain curves are still a valid tool for using the flux of the calibrator sources to determine the flux of a user's source. The only requirement is that the same cal and cal value (even if wrong in absolute terms) is used for both measurements.

    For more info on the  gain curve fits and their location see gain curves fits at ao.

processing: x101/calmrcv/gaincurv/

Old gain curves all rcvrs plotted together.

gain curve plot all receivers made Nov03.