swarm satellite passes


22mar14: swarm B satellite overflight
26mar14: swarm A satellite overflight

22mar14: swarm B satellite overflight

    The 430 carriage house transmitter was used on two dates  to measure the temperatures while the swarm a,b satellite flew through the beam:



dynamic spectra of overpass (.gif)
average power over the transmitter pulse for height=523 km (.ps) (.pdf)
processing: x101/140322/430sat.pro

26mar14: swarm A pass

    The pass was computed using the same 15mar14 tle file
The values computed to point the telescope were:

I looked at file t2797_20140326.003  which started at 7:42 and ended at 8:12 (utc).
The processing was:
The image shows the power  plotted as  range vs time (.gif)

 Computing swarmA ao pass using predict and a tle file from 28mar14

    I grabbed a tle file for swarm a,b,c dated 28mar14
I used the predict program (and some idl software) to plot the satellite pass around 8:00 utc on 26mar14

    The plots show the az, source za, and range computed using this setup (.ps) (.pdf):
I've used this code for gps satellites, but i've never used it for leo's .. maybe the resolution is not good enough...

processing:x101/140326/430sat.pro, cmpsatorb.pro