13jun16 hf 3sec on,off and 10ms resolution spectra



    The hf campaign on 10-14jun19 synchronized the hf and 430 transmitters to the hardware 1 second tick.
On 13jun19 13:45 to 18:00 (AST) project H3368 did:

    The normal plasma line processing was to do 10 second integrations, synchronizing these with the hf on and offs.

Looking at high time resolution.

    The data was reprocessed using 10ms resolution for the spectra and then movies were made.
The  movie parameters were:

The spectra line movie shows the E and F region data at 10ms resolution (.avi)   (.mov)

The plasma line movie  shows the E,F region with a 10 second integration (.avi)  (.mov)

    This is a section of the standard plasma line movie.

When do the enhancements occur:

    There is a bit of a race condition when going from off to on and on to off

processing: x101/atm/clpgpu/test/1ipp_190613.pro

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