cross scans with Mathew's 430 MHz test feed


    The system performance of Matthew's 430 Mhz dipole feed was measured on 06nov05 doing cross scans on J1330+305 (3C286) and J1419+064. These measurements  were done with the feed in the same position as the 22sep04 measurements. For these measurements the cal diodes were installed so we got Tsys as well and gain/sefd.  Cross scans were done on the 430 dipole and on the 430 linefeed. The setup was:

The plots show the  system performance (.ps)  (.pdf):


dipole linefeed
Tsys(za=13) 166 95
gain(za=13) .45 K/Jy 12.8 K/Jy
sefd(za=13) 3C286 360 Jy 9 Jy
beam width 18 Amin 9.5 Amin
az pnt err (avg)
zapnt err (avg)
1.0 amin
2.9 amin
-.4 Amin
-.3  Amin
az pnt offset used:
ch pnt offset used
 0.5 deg
-1.6 deg
az pnt offset measured
za pnt offset measured
0.517 deg
   processing: x101/0511106/