cross scans after yagi moved closer to lineFd


the 01aug06 system performance (.ps)  (.pdf):
compare   the system performance of 01aug06 and may06 (.ps)  (.pdf)


    The 430 Mhz yagi antenna was moved closer to the line feed around 25jul06. The feed offsets were:
Yagi offset from center of line feed
az offset
za offset
Total offset
before  move .4833 deg / 3.7 ft -1.5483 deg /11.8 ft 1.62 deg  / 12.3 ft
after move .8093 deg / 6.1 ft -.9157 deg / 7.0 ft 1.22 deg /  9.3 ft

    The system was calibrated on 01aug06 using 3C286 (24.3Jy at 430Mhz). This was the same source that was used on 29may06.   12 crosses were done with the yagi and 3 crosses with the linefeed.  The new low loss cable between the yagi and the amplifier had not yet been installed.  The setup was:

The 01aug06 data  (top)

    The plots show the 01aug06 system performance (.ps)  (.pdf):

Comparing the 29may06 and 01aug06 data   (top)

    The plots compare   the system performance of May06 and Aug06 (.ps)  (.pdf) . The black * are 01aug06 and the red * are 29may06.

Conclusions:  (top)

processing: x101/060801/