27sep05 measurements of the 430ch cal


     The 430 carriage house cal was measured on 27sep05 in the carriage house using the network analyzer. The system was connected to the network analyzer and the Tsys (this did not include the sky) was measured. The cal was then turned on and the Tsys was remeasured. The difference in the two measurements is the cal value. This was done for the 4 settings of the cal selection (must switch in attenuators after the diode). It was also done at a set of frequencies. The plots show the measured cal values:     The difference in the flange temperatures for polA and polB is 16 K. This is coming from the monoplexor connected to PolA. The 430 xmiter is single pol. polB is set to load during the transmissions while the polA receiver is switched between receive and protect via the monoplexor.