Pictures of the Arecibo 305-m radio telescope

Official Arecibo picture site

Below are some pictures of the place where I work. They were taken in February 2007, when my parents were visiting.
Click on the image to get a (much larger) view.

Picture of the platform, taken by my dad. "It doesn't look that big!", he says. Well, we'll see.

My dad, in front of the primary.

Under the primary reflector: My dad, uncle Cesar, aunt Teresa and my Mom.

You can see how holey the surface really is.

Going to the platform. We see the line feed on the left and part of the Gregorian dome on the right.

See from inside, the platform is quite complex. We can also see a distant horizon, with the Puerto Rican jungle everywhere covering the ubiquitous Karst hills.

Looking down on the Gregorian dome!

The reflector is 600 ft (180 m) below.

Ghosh, this thing is big!

Below: Pictures of my new Office!