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I'm a staff scientist at Arecibo Observatory, working on radar observations of asteroids.

Images of an Asteroid The Planetary Radar Page.

Arecibo Asteroid Dynamics Workshop.

Image of 1998 ML14 First post-upgrade image of an asteroid. This delay-Doppler image of asteroid 1998 ML14 was taken on UTC 1998 August 15 12:45. This image is stretched to show detail. More images are available. The illumination is from above, and the vertical scale is 45m/pixel. The horizontal scale is 0.12 Hz/pixel (increasing towards the right), or 63m / cosine(delta), where delta is the (unknown) subradar latitude.

Large Impacts Will an asteroid ruin my day?

MPC Logo Information from the Minor Planet Center

Ted Bowell's Asteroid Database.

Ash Explosion on Soufriere
	    HillsWhat's happening in Montserrat these days?

Image of
	    LuisInformation about exciting weather

Organizations for Amateur - Professional Astronomy

Personal Stuff, including the obligatory pictures of my daughter.

Moving to Puerto Rico Practical things for the gringo, not a travel log.

The Caltech Alumni home page.

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Mike Nolan (nolan (at) PGP public key
HC 3 Box 53995
Arecibo PR 00612 USA
Phone +1 787 878 2612 ext 334.

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