Taiwan Pre-Wedding Photos

January 26, 2005

While visiting Taiwan a few months before the wedding, we had some pictures taken for fun at a Taipei studio. We posed in three outfits:

Our wedding in Alma was western, but a book of prints showing us in other costumes was on display at the reception. We have provided the scanned copies below for those who were not able to attend. Each image links to a larger version.


  1. Red is the color of good fortune in Chinese tradition, so it is used as a wedding color. White is for funerals!

  2. The dragon and phoenix, symbolizing male and female, are prominent on the red wedding costumes. The yellow emperor costume also has a dragon.

  3. The wood structure between the two of us in one picture is an ornamental wash basin stand with a basket and pillow, all traditional Chinese dowry gifts.

  4. In the picture where Ting-Hui is covering her ears, Steven is holding a string of (fake) New Year's firecrackers. This is a bit hard to see with everything so red.

  5. The Chinese character featured on the main wedding page is ``double happiness'' --- two happiness characters joined together, symbolizing blissful marriage.

  6. For more information on Chinese wedding traditions, see this site.