Something about myself

I'm originally from Alma, Michigan, a small town in the heart of the state's Lower Peninsula. I've been interested in astronomy ever since my mother showed me the night sky in our back yard and my father told me about planets and space travel. I read a lot on the subject, became an amateur astronomer, and studied physics at Alma College (my Alma Mater). Eventually I did my dissertation on the Pleiades reflection nebula at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Then I was a postdoc for many years at the University of Calgary, where I studied cold Galactic hydrogen and did a little teaching and outreach on the side. Now I've joined the staff of Arecibo Observatory, home of the biggest radio telescope in the world!

All this would be well enough, but my real fortune (and the best part of going to Calgary) was meeting Ting-Hui, the light of my life. Our first date was on September 21st, which also happened to be a harvest moon and thus the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Alas, our present separation also has a certain cultural resonance. We were married shortly before the move to Puerto Rico.

I have various interests outside work. Physical activities include biking, camping, hiking, sailing, kayaking, snow-shoeing, and cross-country skiing. I also enjoy music (as a Sinfonian, in Westwinds, or simply with friends), travel, ham radio (callsign N8FYK), gaming, photography, sky-watching, and reading. Once I even drove a big green car. Not everyone can say that!

Back to the ranch.