Press Release for the 193rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, January, 1999

for the display paper

``Cold HI Structures in the Perseus Arm:
Molecular Clouds in Formation?

Gibson, S. J., & Taylor, A. R., 1999, Bull. A.A.S., 30, #65.12

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Below is the sample image and caption given out at the AAS meeting. Many more images and detailed information are available in the ELECTRONIC VERSION OF THE AAS POSTER.

Links to larger copies of the image below:

[sample press image]

Dark, sinuous clouds of cold hydrogen gas reveal themselves as shadows against the glow of warmer, brighter clouds in the background. Some of the dark clouds may be in the process of condensing further into molecular gas, the first step in the formation of new stars.

This image, made with radio telescopes at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory near Penticton, British Columbia, was presented to the American Astronomical Society meeting in Austin, TX on January 8, 1999. PHOTO CREDIT: Steven Gibson and Russ Taylor of the University of Calgary.

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