HISA Survey of the Phase I CGPS

A single, large paper describing this survey was submitted to the Astrophysical Journal on 2004 December 1. Following recommendations by the referee, the manuscript was divided into two smaller papers for easier digestion. The first paper contains the science results from the HISA survey, and the second contains the technical description of the survey method. Both new papers were submitted on 2005 January 22, resubmitted on 2005 February 17, and accepted on 2005 February 18. Copies of the accepted manuscripts are available below.

The PS copies are the ``official'' ones; the PDF was created with ps2pdf and may not be entirely reliable. The color version is intended for the online journal. The gray version is intended for the print journal.

This figure shows longitude-latitude and longitude-velocity projections of detected CGPS HISA ON-OFF amplitudes, with velocity subranges of -100 to -70 km/s for the Outer Arm, -70 to -20 km/s for the Perseus Arm, and -20 to +25 km/s for the Local Arm. Boxes mark the extent of the largest contigous absorption features in (l,b,v) space, which are catalogued in the paper.

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