I-GALFA Survey Status

Survey observations began on May 3, 2008 and concluded on September 12, 2009, with ZOA (A2144) and GALFACTS (A2390) as commensal partners throughout. The map at left shows the cumulative sky coverage of all the survey observations. Individual night sky tracks can be viewed on the position plots page; other details are on the observing schedule. Mileposts:

2008 Apr - Maypre-survey tests
2008 May - Junfield A observed
2008 Jun - Augfield Z observed
2008 Aug - Octfield D observed
2009 AprilMock + smartbasket tests
2009 May - Augfield B observed
2009 Jul - Sepfield C observed

I-GALFA Data Release

We welcome and encourage the use of I-GALFA data by external scientists. Those interested should consult our policies on external users, co-authorship, and acknowledgements. All I-GALFA data products are currently being finalized, following extensive improvements to the processing pipeline in 2009-2011 and additional artifact excision in 2012. Full public release of all data products is anticipated shortly. Meanwhile early access is possible via collaboration with one or more members of the I-GALFA survey team.

The anticipated survey data products are 512x512x2048 voxel FITS spectral line image cubes in 2-byte scaled-integer format, with file sizes of about 1.0 GiB each when uncompressed. The cubes have 1' x 1' pixels and either 0.184 km/s or 0.736 km/s velocity channels, with resulting velocity coverage of either |VLSR| < 184 km/s or |VLSR| < 753 km/s for the ``narrow'' or ``wide'' cubes, respectively. Each cube covers 8.53 degrees on the sky and has center coordinates 8.00 degrees from those of its neighbor cubes, so that neighboring cubes overlap by 0.53 degrees. The map at right shows the I-GALFA Galactic FITS cube atlas tile lattice.

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