Arecibo Observatory
National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center
HC 3 Box 53995
Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00612, U.S.A.
phone: 787-878-2612 x288
fax: 787-878-1861
email: see home page

U.S. citizen, born 1969 July 28 in Alma, Michigan


Ph.D. in Astronomy
Dissertation: ``Gas and Dust in the Pleiades Reflection Nebula''
Advisor: Kenneth H. Nordsieck
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Aug 24, 1997

M.S. in Physics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
May 22, 1994

M.S. in Astronomy
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dec 23, 1993

B.S. in Physics and Computer Science, magna cum laude
Alma College
Apr 20, 1991


Staff Research Associate
Arecibo Observatory
Supervisor: Robert L. Brown
National Astronomy and Ionospheric Center
Sep 2005 - present

Postdoctoral Research Associate
International Galactic Plane Survey
Supervisor: A. Russell Taylor
University of Calgary
Jan 2001 - Aug 2005

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
Supervisor: A. Russell Taylor
University of Calgary
Jan 1997 - Dec 2000

Graduate Research Assistant
Wide-Field Imaging Survey Polarimeter
Supervisor: Kenneth H. Nordsieck
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sep 1992 - Jan 1997

WARF Research Fellow
Starburst Evolution in Dwarf Galaxies
Supervisor: John S. Gallagher
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sep 1991 - Aug 1992

NSF-REU Research Assistant
Infrared Speckle Interferometry of Low-Mass Binary Stars
Supervisors: Julian C. Christou and Stephen T. Ridgeway
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Jun 1990 - Aug 1990

NSF-REU Research Assistant
Twilight Emission Spectral Analysis and Instrument Evaluation
Supervisors: William E. Sharp and Ian C. McDade
University of Michigan Space Physics Research Laboratory
Jun 1989 - Aug 1989

Student Research Assistant
Cyclotron Heavy Ion Collision Analysis
Supervisor: Eugene C. Deci
Alma College Physics Department
Sep 1988 - Apr 1989


Guest Lecturer
The Modern Universe (ASTR 205)
University of Calgary
Mar 2005

Course Instructor
Extragalactic Astrophysics (ASPH 405)
University of Calgary
Jan 1999 - Apr 1999

Guest Lecturer
Interstellar Medium (AST 320)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mar 1996

Grading Assistant
Life in the Universe (AST 160)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jan 1995 - May 1995

Teaching Assistant
Survey of Astronomy (AST 100)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sep 1993 - Dec 1993

Survey of Astronomy (AST 100)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sep 1992 - Dec 1992

Physics Laboratory Assistant
Introduction to Physics (PHY 121)
Alma College
Sep 1987 - Dec 1987


Telescope Operator
Pine Bluff Observatory, Pine Bluff, WI
Jan 1993 - Aug 1993

Computer Laboratory Supervisor
Alma College
Sep 1987 - May 1991

Computer Network Installations
Alma College
Jun 1987 - May 1989


Public Lecturer
Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, Priddis, AB
Jul 2000, Apr 2002, Sep 2003

Visiting Speaker
Queensland Downs Elementary School, Calgary, AB
Dec 2000

Web Outreach
Top-Ranked Educational Website on Various Astronomy Topics
Apr 1995 - present

Public Night Astronomer
Washburn Observatory, Madison, WI
Sep 1991 - Dec 1996


Invited Review Speaker, Diffuse Matter in the Galaxy Conference 2004
Assisted with CGPS III NSERC Special Research Opportunity Grant Proposal 2004
Invited Review Speaker, 50th Anniversary H I 21cm Line Astronomy Conference 2001
Assisted with IGPS NSERC Collaborative Research Opportunity Grant Proposal 2000
Assisted with WISP NASA Grant NAG5-647 Renewal Proposal 1996
Summer Institute Fellow, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center 1994
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Fellowship 1991 - 1992
Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society 1991
Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society 1991
Alma College Trustee Scholarship (offered) 1987 - 1988
National Merit Finalist 1987


Proposal Reviewer for National Science Foundation
Proposal Reviewer for Research Corporation
2004, 2005
Referee for the Astrophysical Journal
2000 - present
Proposal Reviewer for the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope
1997, 1999
Mentor to Graduate Students, University of Calgary Radio Astronomy Laboratory
1997 - 2005
Volunteer Staff for the 188th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Volunteer Staff for the 104th Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific


International Astronomical Union (IAU) 2006 - present
Galactic Arecibo L-band Feed Array (GALFA) Consortium 2003 - present
International Galactic Plane Survey (IGPS) Consortium 2000 - present
Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS) Consortium 1997 - present
Canadian Astronomical Society / Société Canadienne d'Astronomie (CASCA) 1997 - present
American Astronomical Society (AAS) 1992 - present
American Institute of Physics (AIP) 1987 - present


Lead Trumpet, Westwinds Monday Gold Jazz Band 2003 - 2005
Extra Class Amateur Radio License (N8FYK) 2000 - present
Principal Trumpet, Westwinds Gold Concert Band 1998 - 2002
Member, Westwinds Music Society 1998 - 2005
President, Iota Alpha Chapter, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1990 - 1991
Member, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Professional Music Fraternity 1988 - present
Eagle Scout, Troop 610, Alma, Michigan 1986
Member, American Radio Relay League 1985 - present