ASPH 405: Extragalactic Astrophysics

University of Calgary, Winter 1999

[pretty picture]
Hubble Deep Field image showing numerous faint, distant galaxies

Instructor: Steven Gibson
Lectures: Tues, Thurs at 2:00-3:15pm, in ST 27
Office Hours: Tues, Thurs at 3:15-5pm, SB 519

Course Catalog Description

Textbook: An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, by Carroll & Ostlie (1996)

Topics: This course is concerned with the study of objects and phenomena in the extragalactic domain, up to and including the general structure of matter and the evolution of the universe. We will mostly follow the order of presentation given in the text:

   30%    Assignments & Reading Quizzes
   20%    Term Project (Research Paper & Presentation)
   15%    Mid-Term Examination
   35%    Final Examination

Reading Quizzes: Reading assignments will be given prior to each topic being covered in lecture. As a small incentive, announced quizzes will follow each reading assignment. These will count as part of the assignment grade; in total, they might equal one homework assignment, and altogether will account for perhaps 5% of the course grade.

General Assignments: These will usually be sets of problems out of the textbook, but may be supplemented by others which look like fun, such as the following:

Term Project: Write a research paper (of order 10-15 pages) on a subject of interest to you, within the scope of the course, but at a greater level of detail than discussed by the book. I must approve the topic. A one-page outline or abstract is due by February 25 (before Reading Week). The paper is due the last day of class, April 15. During the last two weeks, each person will give a 10-15 minute presentation on their paper to the rest of the class.

Steven Gibson