Diffuse Galactic Light in the Large Magellanic Cloud

61k / 198k
Deep optical CCD image of the LMC.

Diffuse Galactic Light is plainly visible in this optical image of the Large Magellanic Cloud as a haze over the entire galaxy. The phenomenon arises from starlight scattering off numerous dust clouds in and above the plane of the LMC's disk to form a faint, galaxy-wide reflection nebula. DGL is also present in our own galaxy, though its appearance is altered by the fact that we are seeing it from the inside rather than the outside.

The CCD image above was presumably taken with a special wide-field camera at optical wavelengths. It was obtained from the folks at SEDS, who were unable to assist with a photo credit or other relevant information. If you know where this image came from, how it was taken, or what attribution should be used, please contact me.

Corroboration: A similar diffuse glow is visible in the 2008 April 9 Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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