About E. Muller

Currently a PostDoc at Arecibo Observatory after doing my thesis at the University of Wollongong (Uow) and also at Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF).

My Thesis on the HI of the Magellanic Bridge is now available for public consumption.
(Warning, this is 8.3 Mb compressed! - if you need it smaller, let me know and I will break it into chapters.)

Projects I am attempting to involve myself in and initiate, include a pre-emptive strike on the small angle HVCs, using the Arecibo observatory to observe the small angle end of the N(size) function. This will be a pilot for the ALFA survey.
I am in the early stages of a larger project to study absorption lines through the IGM of interacting galaxy groups, specifically through obvious HI tidal features. I hope to be able to measure the effects these interactions have on the ISM of such systems (I think this will turn into a personal legacy project!).
I am also currently analysing absorption data from I/HVCs and other HVC complexes.

Contact info:
Email: use emuller (at) naic . edu
HC3 Box 53995
Arecibo, PR
00612, U.S.A
Phone: +1 (787) 878 2612 x 359

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