Radar Meteor Workshop


List of Confirmed Speakers



The Arecibo Observatory: A Brief History


Daniel Altschuler

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico


Radar meteor velocity determination:-A historical prospective


Iwan Williams

Queen Mary University of London, UK.


Evaporation of high speed sporadic meteors


Edmond Murad

 Air force Research Laboratory, USA


Effects of meteor ablation and the chemistry and physics of the upper atmosphere


John M. C. Plane

University of East Anglia, UK


Ablation and Ionization Modeling: Implications for Trail Instabilitiesand Head Echoes


Meers Openheim

Boston University, USA


Radar Observations of Meteors at a Polar Latitude


Ulf von Zahn

Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Germany


Determination of meteor shower flux density, mass distribution and activity from wide beam meteor radar data


Petr Pecina

Astronomical Institute, Ondrejov, Czech Republic


Radar observations of meteor trails at Adelaide using wide aperture and narrow-beam systems at MF and VHF, and their interpretation using Fresnel holography


Graham Elford

University of Adelaide, Australia


The AMOR radar facility in New Zealand

W. J. Baggaley

University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

(Presented by G. Elford)


Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar

Alan Webster

University of Western Ontario, Canada


Narrow beam meteor radars: A good wind probe?

Susan Avery

University of Colorado, USA


Radar meteor shower observations: processing and some results

Oleg Belkovich

Kazan State University, Russia


Parameter estimation of meteors from radar head echoes combined with optical observations


Toru Sato

Kyoto University, Japan


Meteor Head Echo Detection and Characterization with the Sondrestrom ISR

Craig Heinselman

Stanford Research International, USA


Radio Science Issues Surrounding HF/VHF/UHF Radar Meteor Studies


John D. Mathews

Penn State University, USA


Head Echo Scattering Theory and Implications for Meteoroid MassDetermination


Sigrid Close

Boston University and Lincoln Laboratory, USA


The EISCAT meteor method - a review and recent results


Asta Pellinen-Wannberg

Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden


Micrometeor observations using the 430 MHz Dual-Beam Arecibo radar

Diego Janches

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico


Observations of meteor-head echoes using the Jicamarca 50 MHz radar in interferometer mode


Ronald Woodman

Peruvian Geophysical Institute, Peru


Field aligned irregularities in meteors trails


Qihou H. Zhou

Miami University of Ohio, USA