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CIMA versions

The following is a list of the various CIMA versions and their differences. Modifications introduced in an earlier version are always kept in all later versions unless something else is explicitly stated. If not specified further, any modifications refer to the CIMA observing interface (both the online and the offline version); however, other more or less independent programs like the data quick-look facility, the various ALFA monitoring windows as well as the receiver-frequency display are also part of the CIMA system.

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Version p.0

This CIMA Version follows from 'Stable' version 3.3.08. This is a test version for integration of Pulsar PUPPI backend into CIMA, and thus should only be used for that. Visit CIMA-PUPPI page for more details.

Version 3.3

This CIMA Version follows from svnwork (a.1.02). This version supports configuration files from svnwork, mocksp, and untested versions. Smart (3.1) users must update thier configuration files, and Normal (3.0) and Old (2.2) users must update thier configuration and command files to use this version. The changes in this version compared to Svnwork are as follows:

Version a.1

This CIMA version provides additional suport to the Mock spectrometer.

Version 3.2

This CIMA version provides single pixel observing with the Mock spectrometer and introduces the 800 Mhz Receiver. More documentation here

Version 3.1

This CIMA version includes better support of the Mock spectrometer for ALFA observations, some new options for the use of winking cal and continuous data taking for all spectral line observing modes, some new command file features as well as the new smart basketweaving observing mode. Two important things to notice is that the configuration files have been modified, thus requiring the observer to update any old configuration files (which can easily be done with CIMA in off-line mode) and that there are some changes to the command file commands, especially to the 'newfile' parameter that now uses different values! The following list describes the modifications made:

Version 3.0

The 3.0 version of CIMA is the next generation of CIMA. It is the biggest upgrade so far made to CIMA and enables the use of the WAPPs in single pixel dual board mode as well as experimental use of the Mock spectrometer for ALFA. Some of the areas that have been extensively reworked is the logging facility, the handling of configuration files, the interface for pulsar observing ...

Important goals have been to remove inconsistencies and create a simpler, more user-friendly user interface. The user interface (called the CIMA frontend) has thus been heavily modified and many windows have been replaced. Other important goals have been to add error checking on user inputs and control logic to prevent an observer from making silly mistakes as well as increasing the observer's 'awareness' of what CIMA is doing. ...

Observers using earlier versions of CIMA are strongly recommended to try out version 3.0 in off-line mode before using it on the telescope and are advised to consider the following four points:

The 3.0 version of CIMA contains a number of significant changes which are listed here:

Version 2.3

This is a test version used for developing version 3.0 of CIMA. Apart from being a test bench, it also includes support for running the WAPPs in single pixel dual board mode.

Version 2.2

The 2.2 version of CIMA includes new capabilities in the form of new observing modes as well as the possibility to track a certain sky angle during ALFA observations. There is a new pulsar observing mode available for command file observing combining a calibration and a pulsar catalog observation into a single command. There are also two new observing modes for the WAPPs: RA/Dec mapping and Dec/RA mapping. Apart from the things listed below, there are also a number of modifications to fix minor bugs and spelling mistakes. The following list describes the changes that have been made:

Version 2.1

The 2.1 version of CIMA includes a major revision of the CIMA executive and a major clean-up of CIMA in general. A total of around 130 files containing more than 250 unused procedures have been removed from CIMA. Although this should result in a slight increase in preformance, the main reason has been to make CIMA easier to maintain in the future. For the observer, the most visible change of version 2.1 is the completely reworked facility for running command file observations. The following list describes the changes that have been made:

Version 2.0

The 2.0 version of CIMA includes a series of modifications and improvements as well as bug fixes:

Version 1.2.03

The 1.2.03 version of CIMA restores the synchronisation between telescope movements and datataking with the WAPPs. This used to work before February but was lost when the data timestamping bugs on the WAPPs were fixed on 22 February 2005. Only two observing modes are affected by this fix: 'Basketweave' and 'Drift Chase'. There are also some bug fixes related to incorrect messages and the removal of IF1 information when ALFA is used.

Version 1.2.02

The 1.2.02 version of CIMA merges the three versions of the ALFA fixed azimuth drift map into one single version. The alternative versions located at /home/lerner: fixedAZ2_widget.tcl, fixedAZ2.tcl and j2000_drift.tcl, are thus no longer needed. A new galactic coordinate pulsar mapping mode has been added. Buttons to stop the telescope and to release it again have been added to the pointing widget. Buttons to adjust the power levels and start a new FITS-file have been added to all the spectral line observation widgets when the WAPP is used as the back-end. The 1.2.02 version also includes further bug fixes. Most spectral line procedures were updated to set the 'PATTERN_ID' parameter in the FITS-files correctly (one ID per observing loop) - earlier, most procedures just set it to a constant ID in the beginning of a set of loops or didn't set it at all. The command to write comments to the log-file, which only worked when the executive was busy, has been corrected to work even when it is not busy. A new command WAPPCONFIG has been added for command file observations and several bugs related to this type of observations have been fixed. The WAPP-modes not available for ALFA observations have been removed from the ALFA WAPP configuration menu. The 'Backend Control' button opens the WAPP ALFA widget directly when ALFA is selected. The independent receiver-frequency selection window has been moved to /home/cima. The small text-based observation monitor which became an internal CIMA program with version 1.1.00 is again available as a standalone program /home/cima/bin/start_monitor. Also, parallel logs of the online observing sessions have been added. These logs are going to /share/cima/Logs/Obs_logs.

Version 1.2.01

The 1.2.01 version of CIMA includes the possibility to run 0.5 second integrations on the interim correlator. Also, the 30 second dump option was removed for the WAPPs, since it doesn't work properly. It also includes several bug fixes, including a problem when selecting items from lists when CIMA is run off-line on computers with newer versions of Tcl/Tk.

Version 1.2.00

The 1.2.00 version of CIMA contains two new observing modes: a pulsar RA/Dec mapping mode (similar to the already existing Az/ZA mapping mode) and the spectral line ephemeris tracking mode providing "Standard ONs" for a non-stationary source with proper Doppler correction and support of ALFA rotation. The ephemeris tracking should support both the WAPPs and the interim correlator, but the latter has not been properly tested.

Version 1.1.00

The 1.1.00 version of CIMA is basically Jeff's original version of CIMA from October 2004 with only a few bug fixes applied since then. The biggest modification is supposed to be invisible to the observer: a move from /home/aoui to /home/cima to fit into the new CIMA version selection system. This move made it necessary to change a number of hardcoded addresses within CIMA.

All Lerner's more or less ALFA-related software from /home/aoui/alfa has been incorporated into this version including the new alfabeamwin realtime ALFA beam position display that replaces the old, inofficial alfaposwin that only worked when data was coming from the WAPPs.

Version x.x.xx

CIMA versions without version number are pure engineering test versions and should NEVER be used for observations, since they may be broken on purpose.

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