CIMA Preferences

Customizing an observing session using the CIMA preferences

Some aspects of the look and behavior of a CIMA observing session can be customized using the CIMA preferences. The preference menu can be reached either from the 'Preference' button in the CIMA start-up window or from the 'Change Preferences' button in the 'Utilities' window.

When You start up a new project for the first time, the preference menu will pop up automatically after the start-up window to force You to select Your preferences. This happens regardless of whether the first start up is an on-line or an off-line session. In order to save a minute or two of Your telescope time, it is thus a good idea to run CIMA off-line once for each new project to set up the preferences before getting on the telescope.

The set of preferences was changed between CIMA version 2.2 and 2.3. You thus have to select which description of preferences You want to view depending on which version of CIMA You are going to use:

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