Arecibo Colloquium Schedule - Archive

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Year 2007 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Apr 10 Dr. Mallory Roberts, Eureka Scientific What EGRET Saw: Chasing the Rabbit Through the Looking GLAST
Apr 12 Dr. Jonathan Friedman, Arecibo Observatory Lidar Measurements of Atmospheric State Parameters in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere
May 22 Prof. Barton R. Friedman, Cleveland State University (retired) Lincoln and the Ongoing War of Words: Contesting the Conservative High Ground
Jan 23 Dr. Guido Mueller, University of Florida Gravitational Waves: A New Window to the Universe [abstract]
Jan 26 Sylvana Marten, University of Maryland The Birds, the Bats, and the Bees: Pollination Biology of Caribbean Gesneriads
Feb 15 Dr. Tim Hankins, NAIC and New Mexico Tech The Crab Nebula Pulsar: Its Giant Pulses [abstract]
Feb 16 Dr. Nissim Kanekar, Jansky Fellow, NRAO Do the Fundamental Constants Change with Time? [abstract]

Year 2006 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Feb 6 Dr. Phil D. Nicholson, Cornell University Recent Cassini Observations of Saturn and its Satellites
Feb 13 Dr. Donald B. Campbell, Cornell University New Ways to View the Moon: Recent Arecibo-GBT Radar Observations
Feb 17 Dr. Diego Janches, CoRA division/ NWRA ISR Facility at the Arecibo Geomagnetic Conjugate Point
Feb 20 & 22 Dr. Martha P. Haynes, Cornell University The First Year of ALFALFA (A2010): Who, What, When, Where, How and Why [abstract]
Feb 27 Dr. Jim LaBelle, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College High-resolution Measurements of Naturally Occurring HF Waves in the Auroral Region [abstract]
Mar 10 Dr. Richard Branham, Head of Dept. of Geomatics, IANIGLA-CRICYT, Argentina Calculating Kinematical Parameters and the Velocity Ellipsoid for O-B5 and M Giants [abstract]
Mar 10 Dr. Kurt Gibble, Physics Dept., Penn State Atomic Clocks, How They Work and Why We Need Them [abstract]
Mar 13 Dr. David R. Smith, MERLAB, P.C. Current Status of the Large Millimeter-wave Telescope (LMT)
Apr 7 Arvid Åhrberg, Umeå University, Sweden Short Baseline Interferometry
Apr 10 Jagadheep Pandian, Cornell University The Arecibo Methanol Maser Galactic Plane Survey [abstract]
Apr 12 Dr. Christiano Garnett, Inst. Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, SP, Brazil Cosmic Noise Absorption as a Source of Ionospheric Research [abstract]
Apr 13 Dr. Kevin A. Douglas, Univ. of California, Berkeley A Mixed Mofongo of My Arecibo-Related Activities [abstract]
Apr 20 Dr. John D. Mathews, Director CSSL, Penn State Univ. Informal talk: The 430 MHz Yagi/Line Feed Interferometer
Apr 20 Dr. Hugo Levato, Director of Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito and Advisor to the Secretary of Science and Technology Science in Argentina
Apr 24 Dr. Erik M. Muller, ATNF The Magellanic System: A Review of the Latest Research [abstract]
May 18 Dr. Luca Cortese, Cardiff Univ. Galaxy Preprocessing in the Local Universe: A Starbursting Group Infalling into A1367 [abstract]
May 22 Dr. Bo Peng and the FAST team, National Astronomical Observatories, China The Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST)
Jun 1 Dr. Dan Werthimer, Univ. of California, Berkeley IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? SETI@home and Public Participation Distributed Computing [abstract]
Jun 2 Patrick Taylor, Cornell Univ. The Shape and Spin State of Near Earth Asteroid 54509 (2000 PH5) [abstract]
Jun 5 Dr. Dan Werthimer, Univ. of California, Berkeley High Performance Radio Astronomy Signal Processing [abstract]
Jun 8 German Cortes, Cornell Univ. Beyond ALFA, Instrumentation Development for Arecibo
Jun 8 Eliena Nossa, Cornell Univ. The Antenna Design of the Focal Phase Array
Jun 9 Joe Greene, Arecibo Obs.Arecibo Transmitters
Jun 14 Ellen Howell, Arecibo Obs.Geology of Puerto Rico
Jun 16 Paulo Freire, Arecibo Obs.Introduction to Pulsar Astronomy
Jun 21 Jon Hagen, Arecibo Obs.Radio Astronomy Receivers -I
Jun 22 Jon Hagen, Arecibo Obs.Signal Processing in Radio Astronomy
Jun 23 Chris Salter, Arecibo Obs.The Radio Sky
Jun 27 Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Univ. of Oxford 2006 GORDON LECTURE: Reflections on the Discovery of Pulsars
Jun 29 Dr. Juan Carlos Morales, Turabo University Dynamic Properties and Seismic Response of the Cable Structures and Towers of the Arecibo Observatory
Jun 29 Murray Lewis, Arecibo Obs.Time-varying OH/IR Stars
Jul 6 Ganesh Rajagopalan, Arecibo Obs.Radio Astronomy Receivers - II
Jul 7 Xinzhao Chu, Univ. of Colorado, BoulderLaser Remote Sensing Overview
Jul 12 Mikael Lerner, Arecibo Obs.Time and Coordinate Systems
Jul 13 Tamara Hall, Arecibo Obs.High Speed Digital Design
Jul 14 Mike Nolan, Arecibo Obs.TBD
Jul 17 Tapasi Ghosh, Arecibo Obs.Active Galactic Nuclei
Jul 17 Mike Nolan, Arecibo Obs.Asteroids
Jul 19 Jonathan Friedman, Arecibo Obs.The Mesospheric Refrigerator
Jul 20 Steven Gibson, Arecibo Obs.GALFA and the Galactic Interstellar Medium
Jul 21 Dr. Chris Magri, Univ. of Maine at Farmington Radar Observations and a Physical Model of Asteroid 1580 Betulia [abstract]
Jul 26 Mike Sulzer, Arecibo Obs.Introduction to Incoherent Scatter Radar - I
Jul 27 Mike Sulzer, Arecibo Obs.Introduction to Incoherent Scatter Radar - II
Jul 27 Isobel OjalvoArecibo Observatory and the National Virtual Observatory
Jul 31 Knicole ColonA Study of the Massive Star-Forming Region IRAS 19111+1048
Jul 31 Edvier CabassaObservations of Specular, Non-specular, and Head Echoes Meteors with the VHF Coqui2 Radar
Aug 1 Don Campbell, Cornell Univ.The Lunar South Pole and NASA's Lunar Exploration Initiative
Aug 1 Melissa RiveraElectric Field Perturbations at Equatorial Latitudes Produced by Geomagnetic Substorms
Aug 2 Daniel RuckerDevelopment of a FPGA Based Radar Controller
Aug 2 Heather HansonCoordinated Radar and Spectral Data of 105 Artemis
Aug 3 Kevin GrafAmplifier Stability as a Limiting Factor in Receiver Sensitivity
Aug 3 Heidi BrooksMass Determination from Orbits of Binary Asteroids
Aug 4 Brandon TaylorSubauroral Polarization Streams: Storm Effects and Statistics
Aug 7 David BowenEngineering Solutions to Remote Instrument Control using LabVIEW and JAVA
Aug 9 Gloria Isidro, UPR-Rio PiedrasArecibo Observatory for All
Aug 10 Jonathan FentzkeK Lidar Meteor Observations Using Dual Optical Receivers at the Arecibo Observatory
Aug 10 Amal ChandranModeling the Meteoric Mass Deposition in the Upper Atmosphere
Aug 14 Clinton MielkeNumerical Applications of Pulsars - Theoretical Models, Ephemeris Determination
Aug 15 Ximena FernandezUnderstanding (Ultra) Luminous Infrared Galaxies: Arecibo Observations of HI and OH Spectral Lines
Aug 15 Sonia BuckleyCalibration of the All-sky Imager
Sep 18 Dr. Michael Garrett, Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE) Radio Astronomy on the Edge -- Cosmic Lenses, Faint Radio Sources, and Wide-field VLBI Imaging
Sep 19 Dr. Sandra Biedron, Argonne National Lab Coherent Radiators Including Short-wavelength, High-gain, Single-pass, Free-electron Lasers and Associated Exotic Schemes
Sep 22 Dr. Robert Kerr, NSF Goldilocks and the Three Terrestrial Escape Fluxes
Sep 26 Dr. B.G. Andersson, JHU Interstellar Magnetic Fields from Optical Polarimetry - Hopes and Despairs
Sep 29 Alfredo Santoni (Arecibo Obs.), Aidalys Maldonado, Jorge Otero, Jesus Pena (Polytechnic Univ. of Puerto Rico, PUPR, Hato Rey) The 430 MHz Transmitter New Crowbar Driver System
Oct 19 Dr. Robert H. Chang, Director, National Center for Teaching of Nanoscience and Engineering, Northwestern University Photonic crystals
Oct 19 Dr. John R. Jungck, Co-Founder of Bio-QUEST and a Specialist in Mathematical Molecular Evolution, Beloit College Bringing Mathematics and Computer Science into the Biology Curriculum
Oct 30 Dr. Paulo C.C. Freire, Arecibo Obs. PSR J1738+0333: A Superb Gravitational Laboratory [abstract]
Nov 14 Dr. Lance Benner, Altadena, CA Birds of Puerto Rico

Year 2005 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Feb 15 Dr. Gordon Pettengill, MIT 2005 GORDON LECTURE: Exploring the martian clouds by laser
Feb 17 Dr. William H. Edmondson, School of Computer Science, Univ. of Birmingham Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences: Refining the Enterprise [abstract]
Feb 17 Dr. Martha P. Haynes, Cornell Univ. Progress report on activities of the Radio, Millimeter and Submillimeter Planning Group (RMSPG) [abstract]
Feb 23 Dr. Philip R. Goode, New Jersey Inst. of Technology Big Bear Solar Observatory
Feb 28 Dr. Lance Benner, Altadena, CA Owls of Los Angeles County: Their Status and Distribution
Mar 1 Dan Holdsworth, Photoartist, London The Arecibo Telescope as Photo Art [abstract]
Mar 4 Dr. Judith Irwin, Dept. of Physics, Queen's Univ., Canada The Disk-Halo Connection in Galaxies [abstract]
Mar 7 Dr. Amy Lovell New results in radio observations of comets and asteroids [abstract]
Mar 24 Dr. Steven Gibson, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Calgary Dark Hydrogen and the Cold Interstellar Medium [abstract]
Apr 18 Dr. Xinzhao Chu, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign & Arecibo Obs. "Pole-To-Pole" LIDAR "Expedition" for Middle Atmosphere Study [abstract]
Apr 21 Dr. Paulo C.C. Freire, Arecibo Obs. 24 new millisecond pulsars in Terzan 5 [abstract]
Apr 29 Dr. Meyer Nahon, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Center for Intelligent Machines, McGill Univ. Modeling Arecibo's Multi-Tethered Feed Subsystem [abstract]
May 5 Dr. Riccardo Giovanelli, Cornell Univ. The ALFALFA Extragalactic Legacy Survey: Description and Preliminary Results [abstract]
May 19 Dr. Diego Janches, CoRA division/ NWRA Modeling an accurate micrometeor input function into the Mesosphere/Lower Thermosphere using radar measurements [abstract]
May 20 Dr. Snezana Stanimirovic, UC Berkeley Teeny-weeny cold HI clouds in the diffuse ISM [abstract]
May 26 Dr. N. Udaya Shankar, Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Raman Research Inst., Bangalore, India Preloaded Parabolic Dish Antennas: Design and Prospects [abstract]
May 27 Dr. N. Udaya Shankar, Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Raman Research Inst., Bangalore, India Continuum Imaging with the Mauritius Telescope
Jun 8 Chris Salter, Arecibo Obs.The Radio Sky
Jun 9 Ganesh Rajagopalan, Arecibo Obs.Radio Receivers
Jun 14 Tapasi Ghosh, Arecibo Obs.Active Galactic Nuclei
Jun 15 Paulo Freire, Arecibo Obs.Introduction to Pulsar Astronomy
Jun 17 Dr. Julio Urbina, University of Arkansas Digital Receiver Implementation at the Arecibo Observatory: System Design and Capabilities [abstract]
Jun 20 Jonathan Friedman, Arecibo Obs.The Mesospheric Refrigerator [abstract]
Jun 21 Mike Nolan, Arecibo Obs.Asteroids
Jun 22 Murray Lewis, Arecibo Obs.OH Masers in the Circumstellar Shells of late Type Stars
June 22 Marco Andre Remy, Unicamp - University of Campinas, Brazil Microwave System Design for LNLS Synchrotron and INPE Gravitational Wave Detector
June 28 John Harmon, Arecibo Obs.Planetary Radar
Jul 1 Ellen Howell, Arecibo Obs.Geology of Puerto Rico
Jul 1 Dr. Mikael Lerner, Arecibo Obs. Presentation of CIMA version 2.0 [abstract]
Jul 5 Avinash Deshpande, Arecibo Obs.Signal Processing
Jul 6 Emmanuel Momjian, Arecibo Obs.Interferometry and Synthesis Imaging in Radio Astronomy
Jul 7 Dr. Claudio Brunini, Universidad de La Plata, Argentina La Plata Ionospheric Model after 10 years of developments [abstract]
Jul 8 Hien Vo, Arecibo Obs.Introduction to Space Weather
Jul 18 Mike Sulzer, Arecibo Obs.Introduction to Incoherent Scatter Radar - I
Jul 19 Mike Sulzer, Arecibo Obs.Introduction to Incoherent Scatter Radar - II
Jul 26 Diego JanchesMeteors
Jul 28 Sara ScolesPhysical Modeling of Near-Earth Asteroid 2005 EU2
Jul 28 Anthony SalvagnoA Study of OH/IR Stars
Aug 2 Rhea GeorgeRetrieving Meteor Information from Incoherent Scatter Data
Aug 2 Fonda DayA Search for LSB Galaxies and the Impact of Adding Arecibo to VLBA Observations
Aug 5 Evan AnzaloneCryogenic Amplifier Noise Characterization under Labview Environment
Aug 5 Igneris FrancoCorrelation Studies of Sporadic E Layer Dual Beam Height Differences and F Region Ion Drifts
Aug 8 Adam MottHigh Precision Timing of the Binary Pulsar 1741+1351
Aug 9 Israel GonzalezTestbed For Daytime LIDAR
Aug 9 Alex RiveraLIDAR Optical Configuration for Tropospheric Aerosol Measurements in a Multiangle Profile
Aug 9 Michael Busch, Caltech Radar and Optical Observations and Physical Modeling of Near-Earth Asteroid 10115 (1992 SK) [abstract]
Aug 11 Casey DreierGetting Into Shape: A Physical Model of the Near-Earth Asteroid 1988XB
Aug 11 Laura KushnerA 21-cm Search for Low-z Damped Ly-alpha Systems towards Compact Radio Sources
Aug 12 Dr. Avinash Deshpande, Arecibo Obs. Evidence for Collimated Particle Beams from Pulsars [abstract]
Aug 19 Talia Kohen Long-term Meridional Neutral Winds from Arecibo ISR and Comparison with FPI Winds
Aug 31 Dr. Jonathan Friedman, Arecibo Obs. The Faraday Anomalous Dispersion Optical Filter (or E&M 600 in action) [abstract]
Sep 9 Iain MansfieldGamma Ray Bursts and Scintillations
Sep 16 Dr. Shikha Raizada, Arecibo Obs. The Effect of Ice Particles on the Mesospheric Potassium Layer at High Latitudes [abstract]
Sep 22 Dr. Jose' Navarro, Norcontrol IT Coastal Surveillance Radars -- A Radioastronomer's Perspective [abstract]
Oct 20 Dr. Christopher M. Springob, Naval Research Lab Cosmological Applications of the Cornell HI Archive [abstract]

Year 2004 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Dec 13 Wim van Driel, Paris Observatory Keeping our Windows on the Universe Clean - or - the Joys of Spectrum Management
Dec 10 Charles Osborne, Pisgah Astronomical Research Inst. Radio Astronomy and Educational Opportunities at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
Dec 2 Venkataraman Sivakumar, Universite de La Reunion, France Middle atmospheric temperature structure and its dynamics
Dec 1 Robert Minchin, Cardiff Univ. HI clouds in the Virgo Cluster
Nov 18 Dr. Jim Bell, Cornell Univ. Scientific Results from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Nov 16 Dr. Lance Benner, JPL Pasadena Recent radar imaging of near-Earth asteroids
Nov 12 Robbie Auld, Cardiff Univ. HI Morphology and Star formation in Low-Surface-Brightness Galaxies
Nov 4 Cord Fricke-Begemann, Leibnitz Inst. for Atm. Phys., Germany Temperature structure and variations of the mesopause region: K-lidar results from different latitudes
Oct 27 Andrea Possenti, Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari Further Exotic Objects in the Millisecond Pulsar Zoo
Sep 24 Kristine Spekkens, Cornell Univ. All galaxies great and small: testing cold dark matter with spiral galaxy dynamics
Sep 10 P.C.C. Friere, NAIC News from the amazing Double Pulsar PSR J0737-3039
Aug 13 Megan DeCesar, Pennsylvannia State Univ. Constraining the IR and NIR Colors of OH/IR Mimics
Aug 13 Melissa Rice, Wellesley College Radar Imaging of Mercury
Aug 12 Regina Flores, Columbia Univ. Multifrequency Study of Molecular Transitions toward W49A
Aug 12 Karles Saucedo-Mcquade, Oberlin College HI observations of HVC's
Aug 11 Jabran Zahid, Univ. of California Berkeley CO observations of a z=10.0 galaxy
Aug 10 Megan DeCesar, Jose Casillas A Continuing Search for OH/IR Stars
Aug 3 Laura Kinnaman Wittenberg, Univ. Ohio Simulating Continuum and Recombination Line Emission from HII Regions
Aug 2 Laura Kinnaman Wittenberg, Karles Saucedo-Mcquade, Megan DeCesar, Melissa Rice, and Jabran Zahid HI Absorption in Abell 2390
Jul 30 Yang Yang, Miami Univ.-Ohio Processing Arecibo ISR Data for Submission to TIMED Satellite Program Database
Jul 28 Jose Casillas & Giselle Miranda (Univ. of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez), Yang Yang (Miami Univ.-Ohio), Drew Turner (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.) Processing Arecibo World Day Data and Data Analysis with Multiple Instruments
Jul 21 Drew Turner, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ. Calculating Electron Density using Dual Frequency GPS
Jul 21 Jan Ulrich / University of Texas Computing on Linux Clusters
Jun 24 Jonathan Friedman / AO - NAIC Lidar II
Jun 23 Shikha Raizada / AO - NAIC Lidar I
Jun 22 Chris Salter / AO - NAIC The radio sky
Jun 21 Emmanuel Momjian / AO - NAIC Interferometry in RA
Jun 18 Mike Sulzer / AO - NAIC Incoherent Scatter II
Jun 17 Mike Sulzer / AO - NAIC Incoherent Scatter I
Jun 16 Lisa Wray / AO - NAIC Electronics and Receivers
Jun 15 Avinash Deshpande / AO - NAIC Signal Processing
Jun 14 Tapasi Ghosh / AO - NAIC Active Galaxies
Jun 11 Maura McLaughlin / Jodrell Bank Observatory
The Double Pulsar
Jun 9 Venkataraman Radhakrishnan / Raman Research Institute The Physics of Sailing Craft
Jun 9 Paulo Freire / AO - NAIC Pulsars
Jun 8 Ellen Howell / AO - NAIC Geology of Puerto Rico
Jun 3 Don Campbell / Cornell University Radar Astronomy
May 28 Vladislav Kondratiev / Astro Space Center of the Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia Giant pulses as a key to understanding of pulsar physics
May 25 Chris Salter / AO - NAIC Magnetic Fields and Ionized Gas in the Inner Galaxy: An Outer Scale for Turbulence and the Possible Role of HII Regions.
May 21 Philipp Kronberg / Univ. of Toronto What the largest radio galaxies are telling us, and why it may have important astrophysical consequences
May 14 Chistopher Watts / New Mexico Tech Heating the Solar Corona: A hot topic in plasma astrophysics
Apr 23 Vasyl Belyey / Univ. of Tromsø Signal Processing at the EISCAT Svalbard Radar
Apr 16 Steve Torchinsky / AO-NAIC On the Detectability of the Cosmic Dark Ages: 21-cm Lines from Minihalos
Apr 6 Kenneth Woodcock / U of East Anglia The role of Fe+ chemistry in the lifetime of sporadic E layers
Apr 6 Mansie Iyer / FIU Using Dark Matter to Identify Fossil Dwarf Galaxies
Apr 5 Barbara Catinella / CU, AO-NAIC Internal Kinematics of Disk Galaxies in the Local Universe
Apr 1 Yolanda Gomez / Centro de Radioastronomia y Astrofisica, UNAM, Mexico Water maser emission toward planetary nebulae
Mar 19 Dr. Andrea Lommen / Franklin & Marshall College Detecting Gravitational Waves Using Pulsars
Mar 15 Thushara Pillai / Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie Ammonia towards Infrared Dark Clouds
Mar 12 Dr. Robert Minchin / School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University The cosmological significance of Low Surface Brightness galaxies - results from a deep HI line survey
Feb 24 Dr. C. Gardner / U. Illinois Mau-Malt and the TRIO Campaigns
Feb 24 Dr. X. Chu / U. Illinois Mesopause-region Temperature Observations
Feb 13 Dr. Ellen Howell / AO Direct Detection of the Yarkovsky Effect by Radar Ranging to Asteriod 6489 Golevka
Jan 28 Dr. Karen O'neil / GBT Finding the baryons - massive LSB galaxies out to z=0.1
Jan 19 Dr. Tapasi Ghosh / AO The use of OH 'main' lines to constrain the variation of fundamental constants
Jan 12 Dr. Dj. Pisano / ATNF HI in loose groups

Year 2003 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Jul 16 Randy Kimble / Goddard Spaceflight Center / NASA The Wide Field Camera 3: A new imager for the Hubble Space Telescope
Jun 9 David Nice / Princeton University Binary Pulsar Timing and Recent Measurements of Neutron Star Masses
May 22 Paul Goldsmith / Cornell University Inappropriate Probes of Molecular Clouds
May 14 Steve Torchinsky / Canadian Space Agency The Odin satellite: design, integration, test, and some results
May 13 Ramachandran / Berkeley University Dynamical Properties of Polarization in Pulsar Radiation
May 8 Leslie Sage / University of Maryland How to publish a paper in Nature
Apr 3 Avinash Deshpande / Arecibo Observatory Vela, its X-ray nebula and the polarization of the pulsar radiation
Mar 18 Ed Salpeter / Cornell University Heavy Elements in the Galaxy and Tuberculosis in the USA
Feb 21 Rob Wilson / AO-NAIC & Penn State Univ. Recent Observations of Atomic Layer Enhancements and Temperatures with the Arecibo Potassium Lidar
Feb 20 Josef Höffner / Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric Physics, Kühlungsborn, Germany Observations of NLCs, temperatures and PMSEs at Svalbard, 78° N [abstract]
Feb 6 Emmanuel Momjian / NRAO Sensitive VLBI continuum and HI absorption observations of interacting/merging galaxies
Jan 14 A. R. Taylor / University of Calgary The International Galactic Plane Survey

Year 2002 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Dec 2 Paul Jones / ATNF, Australia The search for biomolecules in Sagittarius B2 with the Australia Telescope
Dec 3 Maria Hunt / Univ. of New South Walse Massive Star Formation from Colliding Molecular Clouds: The case for RCW 36 and RCW 57
Nov 19 Geoff Wright / Univ. of Sussex, UK Feedback Model for Radio Pulsars
Nov 18 Joanna Rankin / Univ. of Vermont Sub-beam Circulation and the Physics of Pulsar Emission
Nov 14 Marshall Cohen / Caltech 101 Superluminal Sources
Nov 13 Harold Ewen / UMass Amherst Radio Telescopes I've Known
Nov 7 Carl Heiles / UC Berkeley The Warm and Cold Neutral Media of the Galaxy
Nov 4 Dan Werthimer / UC Berkeley Searching For ET With Four Million Collaborators: SETI@home, SERENDIP, SEVENDIP, SPOCK and Astropulse
Oct 29 Diego Janches / Penn State, AO Diego's Turn
Oct 25 John Mathews / Penn State, Diego Janches / Penn State, AO Reply
Oct 24 Ulf von Zahn / Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics Remarks on the total meteoritic mass flux into the Earth's Atmosphere
Oct 24 Erik Muller / ATNF An analysis of the HI in the Magellanic Bridge
Oct 17 Paulo Freire Recent results on pulsars presented in Crete
Aug 12 Andrew Rivkin Water on Asteroids
Aug 7 Stephanie Morris A Web-based GUI for the Wind Monitor
Aug 1 Martha Boyer Study of the Pulsar Emission Region at Multiple Frequencies
Aug 1 Ingrid Pla-Rodriguez The New and Improved World of SAS
Aug 1 Andrew Helton All-Stokes Survey of OH Masers in Star Forming Regions: Search for Possible Zeeman Pairs
Jul 31 Rebecca Wilcox HI spectral line observations of galaxies
Jul 31 Samantha Stevenson HI Evolution Studies of IR-Selected AGN
Jul 31 Martin Rodgers Introduction to Sporadic E's and their morphology
Jul 29 Laura Chomiuk Mapping Supernova Remnant G42.8+0.6
Jul 29 Julia Deneva Determination of the orbital parameters of binary pulsars: Elliptical case
Jul 24 Danielle Moser Interplanetary Dust Studies Using the UHF Dual Beam radar
Jul 23 Summer Students Hands-on project presentations
Jul 23 Don Campbell / NAIC/Cornell Solar System Studies with Radar
Jul 18 Daniel Kao Lidar Configuration and Observations of Raman Scatter from N2 and H2O
Jul 18 Yervant Terzian / Cornell University The Square Kilometer Array Radio Telescope
Jul 16 Karen O'Neil / Arecibo Observatory Faint Fuzzy Stuff - What are LSB Galaxies and Why Would Anyone Study Them?
Jul 15 Diego Janches / Arecibo Observatory The Planet Earth: A Large Dust Sweeper
Jul 12 Joe Burns / Cornell University Irregular Satellites: Discoveries, Orbits and Origins
Jul 10 Ellen Howell / Arecibo Observatory Geology of Puerto Rico
Jul 11 Riccardo Giovanelli / Cornell University Scaling Relations of Spiral galaxies and their Application to Cosmology
Jul 9 Mike Noan / Arecibo Observatory Asteroids
Jul 8 Victor Migenes / University of Guanajuato What about OH Megamasers?
Jul 5 Murray Lewis / Arecibo Observatory Spectral Line Observations of OH/IR Stars
Jul 2 Jonathan Friedman / Arecibo Observatory Lidar Studies of the Middle Atmosphere
Jun 28 Ellen Howell / Arecibo Observatory Reducing Arecibo Spectral Line Data Using Cometary OH as an Example
Jun 27 Fernanda S. Tavares / University of Alaska Energy Deposition in the Middle and Upper Atmosphere by Lightning Generated Electric Fields
Jun 25 Mike Sulzer / Arecibo Observatory The Ionosphere and Incoherent Scatter Radar
Jun 21 Paulo Freire / Arecibo Observatory Introduction to Radio Pulsars
Jun 18 Daniel Altschuler /Arecibo Observatory The Arecibo Observatory
Jun 11 Jagadheep Pandian / Cornell University Methanol Masers: Tracers of Star Formation
Jun 11 Dan Stinebring / Oberlin College Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pulsar
Jun 7 Lisa Wray / Arecibo Observatory Introduction to Radio Astronomy for mer Students
Jun 6 Hendrik Linz, Astro. Inst. & Univ. Observatory Jena/ UPR The massive star-forming region G9.62+0.19 under the looking glass - Radio and infrared observations
May 30 Dejan Urosevic / Belgrade Univ. The Updated Sigma-D Relations for Supernova Remnants
May 29 Ellen Howell / Arecibo Observatory Journal Club: The formation of Uranus and Neptune among Jupiter and Saturn
May 23 German Cortes / Cornell Univ. Arecibo Gregorian: Feed Analysis and Design
May 17 Rachel Mastrapa, Univ. of Arizona Kuiper Belt Objects
May 15 Paul Goldsmith, Arecibo NAIC/Cornell Results from the SWAS Satellite - The Abundance of Molecular Oxygen in Rho Ophiuchi
May 9 Dunc Lorimer, Jodrell Bank Searching for Radio Pulsars in New Targets and Old Data Sets
May 8 Don Campbell, Cornell/NAIC Results from the Arecibo radar observations of Titan
May 2 Tapasi Ghosh, Arecibo Observatory Journal Club: Evidence for Synchrotron Bubbles from GRS 1915+105
Apr 11 Alberto Bolatto, UC Berkeley Dwarf Galaxies at High Resolution: Probing Cosmology and Astrophysics with Molecular Gas
Apr 4 Willem Baan (ASTRON/NFRA) LOFAR - the first of the new generation
Apr 3 Jonas Hedin Design and construction of a Potassium Faraday filter for Potassium lidar system daytime operation at Arecibo Observatory
Apr 2 Jonathan Friedman, Arecibo Observatory Mesopause-region temperature profiling by potassium resonance lidar
Mar 19 Peter Backus, SETI Institute Project Phoenix: Progress and Plans
Mar 13 Lisa Wray, Arecibo Observatory Introduction to Radio Astronomy for us Non-PhD People
Mar 8 Eric Gawiser, U.C. San Diego Towards a Complete Picture of Damped Lyman Alpha Systems
Feb 28 S. Stanimirovic, Arecibo Observatory Journal Club: New temperatures of diffuse interstellar gas: thermally unstable gas
Feb 26 John Mathews, Penn State University Radio Science Issues Surrounding HF/VHF/UHF Radar Meteor Studies
Feb 21 Avinash Deshpande, Raman Research Institute The Small-scale Structure in Interstellar HI: A Puzzle Resolved?
Feb 19 Neil Comins, University of Maine Heavenly Errors: Exploring Misconceptions About the Cosmos
Feb 7 Slava Slysh, Arecibo Observatory Journal Club: The significance of the recent discovery of high redshift quasars for the evolution of the Universe
Jan 31 Shami Chatterjee, Cornell University Neutron Star Kinematics: Pulsar VLBI and its Applications
Jan 28 Di Li, Cornell University HI Narrow Line Absorption -- Molecular or Not?
Jan 17 Mike Sulzer, Arecibo Observatory Measuring F region ion and electron temperatures at Jicamarca using incoherent scatter radar: results and theory including the effects of Coulomb collisions
Jan 3 Robert Mutel, University of Iowa The Agony and the Ecstasy: The Rise and Fall of the Small Comet Theory

Year 2001 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Dec 14 Yashwant Gupta, TIFR Pune University Cones vs. Patches : Understanding the Geometry of Radio Pulsar Emission Regions
Dec 5 Mary Putman, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder Tracing Galaxy Assembly with High-Velocity Clouds
Nov 29 Karen O'Neil, Arecibo Observatory Colloquium: Crouching Giants? The Properties and Stellar History of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Nov 15 Diego Janches, Arecibo Observatory Colloquium: Radar meteor studies with Arecibo and EISCAT
Nov 7 Bon-Chul Koo, Seoul National University Colloquium: Shocked HI Gas in Old SNRs
Oct 25 Mike Nolan, Arecibo Observatory Colloquium: Arecibo Radar Observations of Asteroids
Oct 17 Paulo Freire, Arecibo Observatory Colloquium: The millisecond pulsars in 47 Tucanae
Aug 29 John D. Mathews, Penn State Univ. The Role of Large-Aperture V/UHF Radar Meteor Observations in Meteor Science
Aug 29 Murray Lewis, Arecibo Observatory Statistical Mechanics of a collisionless system based on the Maximum Entropy Principle
Aug 22 Robert Braun, NFRA, Dwingeloo CHVCs: Lowest Mass Constituents of Galaxy Groups?
Aug 16 Alex Wolszczan, Penn State Univ. Three Gems from the Pulsar Goldmine
Aug 13 Karin Sandstrom Mapping out the Local ISM using Pulsar Scintillation Measurements
Aug 13 Esther Santos Single-pulse studies with new Arecibo data: Pulse profile stability and Mode changing
Aug 13 Ivelisse Cabrera Optical and Near-Infrared Galaxies Detected on HI in the Zone of Avoidance
Aug 10 Sun Mi Chung Neutral Hydrogen in BAL Quasars, PKS1004+13
Aug 10 Val Phillips Distribution of HI in Dwarf-spiral and Irregular Galaxies
Aug 9 Lindsay DeRemer Near-Earth Asteroid Observations at Arecibo
Aug 9 Marko Krco HI Mapping of the Magellanic Stream
Aug 8 Mike Nicolls 3 Web-Based Projects for the Aeronomy Group
Aug 8 Daniel Daugherty Ionospheric Modeling and the Presence of Topside Sound Waves
Aug 8 Natalia Figueroa Circularly Polarized Antenna Design
Aug 7 Mike Eydenberg Temperature and Density Measurements Using LIDAR
Aug 7 Carlos Vargas Still Looking at Methanol Masers
Aug 7 Homero Cersosimo Multi-beam cable rack system & 20--40 MHz Baseband mixer
Jul 31 Nestor Aponte Studies of the Upper Atmosphere with Incoherent Scatter Radars
Jul 26 Summer Students Hands-on Presentations
Jul 24 Jon Hagen Electronics in Radio Astronomy
Jul 19 Ellen Howell Geology of Puerto Rico
Jul 12 Mike Nolan Asteroids
Jul 3 David Nice, Princeton Pulsar Timing and Binary Star Astrophysics
Jun 29 Derek Kopon (Cornell) 2MASS Identifications of OH/IR Stars
Jun 27 Yervant Terzian, Cornell Planetary Nebulae with the Hubble Space Telescope
May 24 Paulo Freire Ten new millisecond pulsars in globular clusters
May 10 Bill Coles, UCal San Diego Scattering in the Solar Wind and the Interstellar Plasma
May 4 Fernando Camilo (Columbia) Radio Pulsars at (mostly) high energies
Apr 26 Vyacheslav Slysh, ASC Space -VLBI observations of OH masers
Apr 19 R. Maddalena, NRAO The state of the GBT
Apr 18 Dr. Jose Colom, UPR Mayaguez Research Facilities at the UPRM Radiation Laboratory
Apr 17 C. Conselice, U Wisconsin Colloquium: Early-Type Dwarf Galaxies in Clusters
Mar 30 R. Bhat The small-scale structure in interstellar HI
Mar 8 P. Hofner, UPR, Rio Piedras Colloquium: Everything you ever wanted to know about massive stars
Mar 2 M. Wyndham Colloquium:The Breakup of Yugoslavia
Feb 2 T. Ghosh HI 21-cm absorption in low Z damped Ly-alpha systems
Feb 16 Abel Mendez, UPR, Arecibo Planetary Habitable Zones: The Spatial Distribution of Life in Planetary Bodies
Jan 25 D. Lorimer The merging rate of double neutron star binaries

Year 2000 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Dec 19 K. O'Neil Semianalytical Models for the Formation of Disk Galaxies. Dark Matter versus MOND
Dec 7 Neftali Rivera, UPR, Arecibo Colloquium: Arecibo Optical Astronomy Observatory
Dec 1 Hans Moosmüller, Desert Research Institute, Univ. of Nevada-Reno Colloquium: New Optical Methods for Monitoring Atmospheric Visibility
Nov 30 Mark Chang, UPR Colloquium: The Magdalena Ridge Observatory - an update
Nov 21 Phil Nicholson, Cornell U. Colloquium: The discovery of 7 new satellites of Uranus and Saturn
Nov 6 Willem Van Driel, Nancay Observatory
Delphine Monnier-Ragaigne, Nancay
Colloquium: HI studies of LSB galaxies at Nancay
Oct 20 Matthew Wyndham Colloquium: Dictatorial Democracy in the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Oct 12 Snezana Stanimirovic, NAIC Colloquium: The interstellar medium in the Small Magellanic Cloud
Oct 5 Chris Salter CO Observations towards Supernova Remnants with associated OH 1720-MHz Masers
Sep 13 Prof. J.V. Narlikar The Strange Effects of Gravity
Sep 12 Prof. J.V. Narlikar The Big Bang: Theories & Alternatives
Sep 7 E Howell A trip through time on dusty comets
Jul 21 M. Sulzer, NAIC Incoherent Scatter
Jul 26 S. Gonzalez, NAIC The Upper Atmosphere
Jul 19 R. Bhat, NAIC Probing the Local ISM using Pulsars
Jul 18 E. Howell, NAIC Geology of the Caribbean Plate
Jul 14 R. Barvainis Molecular Gas and Dust in High Redshift Galaxies
Jul 13 N. Otani Turbulence in the Human Heart and the Equatorial Electrojet: What do they Have in Common?
Jul 13 R. Kraan-Korteweg, U. de Guanajuato Galaxies behind the Milky Way and the Great Attractor
Jul 12 R. Ganesan, Raman Institute TBA
Jul 12 M. Nolan, NAIC Asteroids
Jul 10 D. Altschuler, NAIC Arecibo observatory: History and Science
Jul 7 Dunc Lorimer Searching for and timing radio pulsars
Jul 6 Ramesh Bhat Introduction to Pulsar Astronomy
Jun 27 Jean-Luc Margot Radar Astronomy Principles
Jun 22 Karen O'Neil An LSB Galaxy Primer
Jun 21 Don Campbell Radio Astronomy Principles
Jun 19 Murray Lewis OH/IR Stars: the summer student observing project
Jun 16 Leo Blitz High Velocity Clouds and the Formation and Evolution of the Milky Way
Jun 1 Amy Lovell, FCRAO/Amherst College HCO+ in Comet Hale-Bopp: Amazing data with a (somewhat) ordinary explanation
May 25 Trinh Xuan Thuan, UVa Young blue compact dwarf galaxies and the primordial helium abundance
May 24 Magnus Svensson Transmitter Hunting ... On Site
May 24 Ulla Johansson Lidar Telescope Pointing and Control System 1: Systems Overview
May 24 Mats Rova Lidar Telescope Pointing and Control System 2: Software Structure
May 22 Dick Manchester, ATNF 47 Tucanae - A Pulsar Goldmine
May 19 John Salzer, Wesleyan U. First KISS - preliminary results from the KPNO international spectroscopic survey
May 18 Lister Staveley-Smith, ATNF Talk on the HIPASS Multibeam Survey
May 16 James Schombert, U. Oregon The Gas Fraction of Galaxies
May 12 Rob Swaters, U. Washington Dark matter in dwarf and low surface brightness galaxies
May 5 Danilo Zavrtanik, Nova Gorica Polytechnic, Slovenia The Arrow of Time: First direct observation of time-reversal non-invariance
Apr 26 Jean-Luc Margot Recent results from extrasolar planet searches
Apr 10 Tom Troland, U. Kentucky Aperture Synthesis Observations of the Galactic Magnetic Field
Mar 22 C. Salter & T. Ghosh, NAIC The State of Astronomy in India
Mar 21 Arthur Bloom, Cornell Univ. Tropical Karst Geomorphology
Mar 12-14 AO Pulsar Workshop Contact Dunc Lorimer for info.
Mar 9 Jo Ann Eder Tidally Triggered Star Formation in Close Pairs of Galaxies
Mar 6, 7 2000 Topside Workshop Contact Sixto Gonzalez or Eva Robles for info.
Mar 2 Joe McMullin, NRAO AIPS++ demo
Mar 2 Joe McMullin, NRAO Glish programming problems/advice
Feb 28/29 SKA meeting Contact Jill Morrisson for info.
Feb 24 Jim Rose, U. North Carolina Observational Tests of the Evolution of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies
Feb 18 Richard Crutcher, U. Illinois Magnetic Fields and Star Formation
Feb 8 Murray Lewis Improved Test of the Equivalence Principle for Gravitational Self-Energy
Jan 20 Rick Forster, U.C. Berkeley Stokes images of Virgo A (M87) at 90 GHz

Year 1999 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Date Speaker Title
Dec 10 Seth Shostak, SETI Institute How the Hunt for Cosmic Company is Progressing
Nov 23 Paul Jones Jets of radio Galaxies
Nov 15 W Butler Burton Compact high velocity clouds
Nov 12 Mike Davis The Solar Neutrino Problem Solved?
Nov 3 Ingrid Stairs Recent observations of PSR B1534+12
Oct 29 Phil Nicholson Observing Saturn's Rings
Oct 8 Zoya Popovic Active Antenna Arrays
Oct 7 Rick Fisher RFI Countermeasures
Oct 1 Peter Hofner New Ideas on Massive Star Formation
Sep 24 Dunc Lorimer Replay of the Bonn Pulsar Meeting
Sep 7 Ian Dell'Antonio A Gravitational Lensing Survey of z=0.2 Clusters
Sep 2 Greg Bothun The Cosmological Constant
Jul 27 Paul Bernhardt Plasma Physics Experiments in Space using the Space Shuttle Engine
Jul 22 Joe Taylor The discovery and timing of the binary pulsar 1913+16
Jul 22 Jocelyn Bell-Burnell The discovery of Pulsars
Jul 20 Don Campbell Principles of Radar Astronomy
Jul 17 Sixto Gonzalez The Chemistry of the Atmosphere
Jul 17 Jonathan Friedman The Arecibo Observatory Lidar System
Jul 16 Ellen Howell The Geology of Puerto Rico
Jul 12 Mike Nolan Asteroids
Jul 9 Yervant Terzian Binary Galaxies and Dark Matter
Jul 7 Joe Veverka Spacecraft Exploration of Asteroids and Comets
Jul 6 Chris Salter Radio Continuum Sources
Jun 30 Murrary Lewis Maser Emission from Circumstellar Envelopes
Jun 29 Dunc Lorimer Radio Pulsars - An Observer's Perspective
Jun 25 Qihou Zhou Introduction to the Earth's Atmosphere
Jun 24 John Chandler Celestial Mechanics and Orbits of Small Bodies
Jun 22 Karen O'Neil Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
May 28 Mike Davis The Square Kilometer Array
May 21 Chris Impey Quasars as Probes
May 19 Fernando Camilo Latest Results from the Parkes Multibeam Survey
May 7 Stan Kurtz Hot new results about hot young stars
May 3 Zack Barnes RFI monitoring at the VLA
Apr 30 Kiriaki Xilouris Pulsar Astronomy with the upgraded Arecibo telescope
Apr 27 Frank Briggs Using the 21-cm Line to track evolving galactic potentials at high z
Apr 23 Martin Zwaan Do Gas Rich Galaxies Dominate the Universe?
Apr 23 Karen O'Neil VLA and WFPC2 observations of UGC12695
Apr 14 Jeremy Lim HI imaging of Quasar host galaxies
Mar 25 B. Y. Duan & G. X. Ren The Engineering Research on the FAST Project
Mar 12 Dunc Lorimer New views of young neutron stars
Mar 5 Carl Heiles The Eridanus Superbubble in its multiwavelength glory
Feb 25 Peter Hofner A New Rosetta Stone for Massive Star Formation
Feb 5 Tapasi Ghosh Obscuration of the Parsec Scale Jets in the Compact Object 1946+708
Jan 27 Paul Goldsmith The Submillimeter Wave Satellite (SWAS) - First Light Results
Jan 19 Dan Stinebring Twinkling pulsars: what we can learn from scintillation
Jan 18 R Giovanelli & J Darling Results of an Astronomical Site Survey in the High Atacama Desert
Jan 15 Gerald Jay Sussman The Chaotic Motion of The Solar System
Jan 11 Trinh Xuan Thuan Man in the Universe: The Big Bang and After

Year 1998 Talk Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Nov 24 Alex Wolszczan Surviving the Arecibo upgrade
Nov 13 Chris Salter The Kinematic and Spatial Deployment of Compact High-Velocity Clouds
Nov 5 Murray Lewis On the transience of the 1612 MHz emission phase of OH/IR stars