The Evolution of Galaxies through the Neutral Hydrogen Window

The Evolution of Galaxies
through the Neutral Hydrogen Window

February 1-3, 2008
Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

Conference Program

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Speakers should note that in order to encourage discussion, the SOC asks that you leave a quarter of the ‘time-slot’ for discussion at the end of their talk, e.g. speakers with 20-minute slots should aim for 15-minute talks and 5 minutes of discussion and those with 10-minute slots should aim for 7-minute talks and 3 minutes of discussion. We also ask speakers to finish with a slide looking to the future: something like ‘ The next decade: what we can do and what we need to do it.’

The list of poster presentations is available here. Posters should be the standard size used at AAS meetings: they should fit within a 112 x 112 cm / 44 x 44 inch area.

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Friday morning
          09:00     REGISTRATION
1.     HI cosmology Chair: W. Freudling
          09:20     Introduction R. Kerr
          09:30     HI cosmology at z = 0 PDF R. Giovanelli
          10:00     HI cosmology: expectations R. Cen
          10:30     COFFEE
2.    HI cosmology (continued) Chair: M. Lewis
          11:00     HI mass function: open questions PDF S. Schneider
          11:25     HI gas in galaxies from z=0 to z=0.2 PDF J. van Gorkom
          11:50     The importance of gas in understanding the formation of galaxies G. Kauffmann
          12:15     Cold Gas Composition - a Key Between HI-Surveys and Cosmological Simulations D. Obreschkow
          12:35     Astro2010: A Need for a US HI strategy PDF M. Haynes
          12:45     LUNCH
Friday afternoon
3.    Evolution across cosmic time Chair: G. Kauffmann.
          14:40     HI in absorption: prospects N. Kanekar
          15:00     IGM Overview T. Tripp
          15:20     LyA absorbers: prospects PDF J. Stocke
          15:40     What we learn from comparing DLAs with 21-cm-selected galaxies PDF M. Zwaan
          15:50     COFFEE
4.    The early universe Chair: A. Cooray
          16:35     The Theory and Simulation of the Cosmological 21-cm Background from the EOR P. Shapiro
          17:00     21cm Reionization Forecast and Search at GMRT U-L. Pen
          17:20     The MWA experiment M. Morales
          17:40     Prospects and challenges for EOR HI detection A. Cooray
          18:00     DINNER
Saturday morning
5.     HI in Galaxies Chair: T. Henning
          09:00     HI–Star-formation connection: Overview E. Skillman
          09:20     Star formation in HI selected galaxies PDF J. Rosenberg
          09:40     VLA–ANGST Star Formation History and ISM Feedback in Nearby Galaxies J. Ott
          09:50     Gas and Stars in Massive Low Surface Brightness Galaxies PDF K. O'Neil
          10:00     HI–Star-formation connection: Open questions PDF G. Meurer
          10:30     COFFEE
6.     Low mass galaxiesChair: L. van Zee
          11:10     Formation of dwarf galaxies O. Gnedin
          11:30     SF in low mass galaxies: overview L. van Zee
          11:50     The HVC connection M. Putman
          12:10     Cold Cloud Infall and Galaxy Formation T. Kaufmann
          12:20     High velocity clouds around nearby galaxies from THINGSV. Buenrostro
          12:30     HI and the Gas Depletion Problem L. Blitz
          12:50     LUNCH
Saturday afternoon
7.     HI in evolving galaxies Chair: T. van der Hulst
          14:30     Gas Fractions and Scaling RelationsS. Kannappan
          14:50     Growth and destruction of disks: Combined HI and HII View M. Bershady
          15:10     Interaction Driven Galaxy Evolution: The Fate of Gas PDF J. Hibbard
          15:30     Star formation in tidal debris PDF J. Charlton
          15:50     The Radio Synoptic Survey Telescope (RSST): A SKA Concept PDF S. Myers
          16:10     Charge to discussion groups PDF M. Haynes
          16:15     COFFEE, POSTERS and DISCUSSIONS
          18:00     CONFERENCE DINNER
Sunday morning
8.     HI in evolving galaxies (cont) Chair: R. Minchin
          09:00     Gas in massive galaxies D. Schiminovich
          09:20     HI, H2 and Galaxy Evolution M. Yun
          09:40     HI in active galaxies PDFA. Baker
          10:00     HI Stripping and Color Evolution in Virgo Cluster GalaxiesA. Chung
          10:20     Neutral Hydrogen and Star Formation in the Coma–Abell 1367 supercluster PDF L. Cortese
          10:30     Pushing Arecibo to the limit: detection of HI emission from galaxies at redshift z~0.2 PDF B. Catinella
          10:40     COFFEE
9.     Dark matter and applications Chair: R. Giovanelli
          11:10     The local velocity field K. Masters
          11:30     The baryonic TF relation and the dark matter content of normal spirals PDF K. Spekkens
          11:50     Clouds and Debris in the Virgo Cluster B. Kent
10.     On-going developments Chair: J. van Gorkom
          12:00     APERTIF/WRST: prospects for HI PDF T. van der Hulst
          12:15     The Allen Telescope Array: prospects for HI L. Blitz
          12:30     The EVLA: prospects for HI J. Ott
          12:45     The GBT: prospects for HIK. O'Neil
Sunday afternoon
11.     The FUTURE! PDF Chair: M. Haynes
          14:30     HI and galaxy evolution: what we need to know PDF E. Wilcots
          14:50     HI and cosmology: what we need to know J. Bowman
          15:10     GiGa: the billion galaxy survey PDF R. Windhorst
          15:30     Prospects for Arecibo PDF R. Giovanelli
          15:50     COFFEE
          16:10     Panel discussion and discussion group reports Moderator: M. Haynes
          18:00     DINNER

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